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 talent,the passion to practice !  

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OK , i just finish reading all KLN and 70 % of videos (took me almost 3 months..between 2 hours a day with a max of 12 hrs a day) is time to memorize more and apply concepts ..i know is hard ( i have a full time job),old grad 2004.. ,my ultimate goal in step 1 is no less than 240..
i will start today molecular bio memorize chaps 1 -7 sumarization w FA ..

come on people lets study hard no excuses ..we are DOCTORS NOT JUST TEST TAKERS !!...
quote of the day ..

Talent is not in genes ..but in the passion of practice !!


Nice quote!


OK Doctors good morning ,is a new day ,new goals for today ..ok lets work hard today ...
plan :
metabolism chaps 8 -18 plus RR goljan 1,7 ...and probably more

if u want to be the best your God , define your goals , work hard and be persistent....


done with 3 chaps , ...need snack ,will post after im done with another 3 chaps

If u can NOT imagine the concepts ,u not retaining the info ..If u can NOT apply the INFO ,u not learning .........


ok done w 3 more chaps (Long ones ) ...lets do 7 more hours !!!! planning to do until chap 18 of bioqx then some goljan ..

working hard with passion ..


time for small dinner ...will post later


ok done for today ..i had a productive day thanks God ..
now is time for me to read non medical books ..i will do it for 1 hour then sleep ..


ATP1000. Dont stop !!! Take it right to the top!!!cool Thanx for stopping by my journal


ok im here 6:17 pm ..ready to start
Goal is 5 to 7 chaps today of biochem

will post every 3 chaps ...

study hard ,...240+


great rithm!


done w 3 chaps more of biochem ....
working hard and hard ..its the only option ..!!!

next finish the rest of biochem plus RR chaps 1 ,7 ..working at 110 %


its 12:10 am almost done ....

if i want 240 + ..doing my best is not enough ...

Challenge yourself, Break the limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


finish biochem ...its 1:00 am
will do RR at 7 am ..I'm just a human need to rest ..
starting at 7am for a big day .wink


Keep your motivation and persistance youll ace the top ATP1000 ,like you said we are doctors we need to push far beyonce the imaginable ,keep posting your progress wink


Good morning journal ,
8:00 am im ready to start ...ok lets do it .
main goal 240 +
goal for the day ..

1.RR 1,7
2.general phys
3.bacterias plus drugs

i will post every 3 chaps

today i will CHALLENGE myself to break the limit !!!

Honor and Glory to God who strenght me


Hey ATP1000! You can do this!! smiling face

GOGOGO!! Keep going!! smiling face


done with 3 chaps ..

working hard , with specific and reachable goals...

come on 3 more ...!!!!!!


only 2 chaps done ...taking lunch break ...resume in 30 mins.


im back ...
goal 240 +

keep studying hard ....


only 2 chaps done ...,just took a mental break ..

ok lets continue ..goal 240+

3 more chaps >>>>>> go go go ..

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