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 HAV inactivation  

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UW says HAV can be inactivated by boiling,bleach,formaline ,uv.
my question;HAV is a naked virus ,so can we say naked viruses can be killed by these methods?

cause i rememebr i read in kaplan that naked ones are resistant to detergants,organic solvents,ether..becuase their surface proteins are not on envelope to be destroyed .

can anyone help me resolve this confusion between enveloped versus nakes and what kills them,please?

thanks inadvance


These may help you out.

On Dec 07, 2010 - 4:03 PM, doctorforever responded:
they did not help! i checked them out and the last link gave me headach-,but no answer to my question.
bactitech if you know the answer why do not you just share it?!
i am sure someone like you can easily enswer this basic microbiology question and i think if you had answered instead of finding thoes links and copy-pasting them it would have taken less time .
thanks anyhow


I really don't know. That's why I posted the links. When I'm at work I use the bench disinfectant that the hospital buys. I don't even know what it is.

At one of my former jobs, we used a 1 part bleach/5 part water mixture that was made up fresh weekly for bench top disinfecting. I do know that since the advent of Clostridium difficile in hospital rooms and in the lab, new processes have been put in place. However, my job is not involved in either Virology (totally different department) or housekeeping (someone somewhere makes the decisions on what to clean rooms with - not me).

Why don't you do some online research? At least I took the time to find those links for you. No need to be flippant.disapproval


hi there,
that was my fault , i was under impression that you know the answer to any microbiology related issue asked by doctors here, and that is why i was curious why you did not just type the answer.
i had no intention to disrepect you but if my attitude reflected that then i am sorry.
i alwasy do reaserches on line before posting my questions but sometimes i just can not find the rigth answer or i simply do not undersnad the answer(s) and that is the time that i ask for help.
i just wonder why someone like you who is expected to be a mature and well- experinced proffessional person should become upset easily with something like this?

good night


Actually, I did my "copy and pasting" in good faith and it took me quite some time to find all of those links. Apparently I could have been doing something more productive.

I work in microbiology. I try to help when I can. I am nearly 62 years old. I guess I was born long enough ago to expect a bit nicer response from someone. I raised a teenager and honestly, you kind of sounded like my daughter used to sound about 10-12 years ago when she didn't get what she wanted (she's 30 now). Believe me, once you get on the floors with attendings you will have to have a much thicker skin than this.

I think that, once you get into the real world of hospital training, you will have to have a bit more patience. You will be working with people of many ages and backgrounds. You will be thought of as a newbie, fresh out of book learning with no practical knowledge of medicine under your belt. My daughter finished RN school last December and has been working for the last year (first part in training). She said she is older than most of the med students (she works in a teaching hospital). I hear good stories from her a lot nod

I used to work in micro at the same teaching hospital and we have residents from there at my current employer. We do get interesting questions, and we can tell the good questions from the silly ones. Believe me, you will get a lot more information and help from everyone if you don't whine, ask a lot of intelligent questions of the nurses and the lab, and don't worry about questions like this one. Once you get past your two year boards there is a LOT more out there to worry about than disinfection of naked viruses.

Good night to you also.

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