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 What is type IV collagenase?  

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Where can I read about it?
Its not on wiki.
Please help!


? confused


Production of type IV collagenase by tumor cells has been linked to their metastatic potential in several experimental models. A possible role for this enzyme in basement membrane type IV collagen turnover has also been suggested. Two recently developed affinity-purified, monospecific antibodies directed against the amino terminus (H1), or an internal active site domain (metal binding region [MBR]) of human type IV collagenase, were employed in the avidin-biotin-immunoperoxidase technique in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded breast tissue samples from 55 patients. Intense cytoplasmic immunostaining of myoepithelial cells was found in normal and hyperplastic tissue, and discontinuous staining was noted in intraductal carcinomas. Luminal epithelial cells were negative or weakly positive in large- or medium-sized ducts but reacted frequently in normal terminal ducts and hyperplastic lesions. Epithelial cells in intraductal carcinomas exhibited immunoreactivity in 20 of 23 cases. Invasive carcinomas were positive in 36 of 40 cases, and metastatic cells in lymph nodes stained in 10 of 12 cases. These results support a role for type IV collagenase in the basement membrane remodeling of normal breast. Our findings suggest that myoepithelial cells play a pivotal role in this enzymatic activity. The high percentage of positive cells in invasive carcinomas and the strong immunoreactivity of lymph node metastases support the role of the enzyme in tumor invasion and metastasis and suggest that tumor cells are the essential source of the enzyme in these processes.

On Nov 26, 2010 - 9:07 AM, drsaima responded:
thank u so much...but nothing is mentioned like this in kln or other books..
in nbme 3 they ask qs abt this...made me worried.
thx again.

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