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 I need suggetion for Goljan RR  

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Goljan RR is a very bulky book as review. For Step I, are we suppose to ready it word by word or only certain segments.
Kindly reply with your experience.


Hello guys,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thanks for posting nice information.................I agree this....
are we suppose to ready it word by word or only certain segments.
Kindly reply with your experience. ............

On Oct 23, 2010 - 5:13 AM, shoaibmithani1 responded:
I just wrote this inqery this morning and belive that ever body suggesting for Goljan RR, but I do not undestand how can somebody read such a detailed book for the review. Keep in touch if you get any news about it, Thanks


Its a book such big cos of various reasons..
Its got Goljan HY pictures...lots of them...
Its got a comprehensive path exam at the end...
Its printed in fine print with blank margins for u to make any explanatory notes...
Its pathology information is integrated with Anatomy,Physiology,Pathology,Pharmacology,Microbiology and sometimes clinically too...
So its more or less a comprehensive review book...for Step1...n u can bet it helps in CK exam too...
May be...And more probably our lack of knowledge in other areas gets compensated while studying RR...hence that subjective feeling of studying RR would seem to be more or less daunting n exhausting...esp when u r pressed against time..

Its one of the best review books out there...for board exams...
So if u decide to do...u should love what u r doing...then ur perspective...the way u view it will change....

Edited by Kalyann on Oct 24, 2010 - 11:40 AM


its an issue i know ,i took months to solve this issue ,read both the books then realized:
goljan is a mixture of all subjects ,what u can do read the margin notes n look at the slides 3rd edition rr,it will help u
people score 99 from kaplan patho also,kaplan patho based on only patho as it has other books for each subject separatly but goljan its like a review for all

so dont worry take any book u like which can make u understand better then try UW ,thats the main thing how much u score in UW .


Thanks both of you Kalyann and Arantius. I think you guys given correct words to my feeling about Goljan RR.


Hello sir,,,,, Thanks for reply my comments.....So I'm really very happy......Very very Thanks more good suggestion,,,,,,,,,nodnodnod

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