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 few doubts..  

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hey guys,
I had a few doubts-
1.what happens when one gets a prelim spot on j1 visa.can we get an advanced neuro spot on h1 (if they offer of course) or we will be forced to go for j1?

2.what happens when one accepts a prematch in prelim(highly unlikely at least for me).does that mean we wont be able to rank the categorical neuro programs in our rol?

I wud really appreciate some input from u guys..



hey hey....

i know the reponse to ur first query......J1 to H1 not possible....but the other way is possible. so u take J1 in prelim, then thats the only thing you can proceed with in ur advanced program.

Dont know abt the second one, although my sensing is that we can still rank for the advanced....I have never seen ne senior of mine who has got in this situation ever before. Prelim is a hard nut, not ez to grab smiling face.


I Do agree with dowjunk in first q
2- As you signed contract for prelimns in prematch i think you are eligible only to neuro adv- not categorical- correct me if i am wrong


hey thanks for the input guys..harry even i thot the same.but then that wud be a very risky move..but what the heck..who is gettin prematch in prelim neway..not me at least!


I would not sign a prematch just for a year...
That's my feeling.

What's gonna happen if you sign something and then some categorical program sounds very interested in you... You lost everything.
So, go easy with preliminary


thanks for ur input neurologx..even I am not going to risk my cat neuro programs for prelim..that is what i wanted to confirm whether we will be able to rank the cat programs or not after accepting a prematch for prelim.but the answer is clear now I guess.


I also heard from one of my senior that once you sign a prematch wid prelim, there is no way that u can think of ranking a ctegorical prog.
So wat do u think guys is the best way of scheduling prelim interviews?


i feel like if we can sign a prematch with a prelim, and then if we have 5-6 prgrams offering advanced neruo spots...raised eyebrowwe can go in the match with nothing to loose!!! Obviously this is... when categoricals are miles away from our reach confused

Wow, i love baking cakes sticking out tongue


I don't even understand that well how the match works...

Let's say I rank some Preliminary IM programs and I Match in one of those....

Do we need to do two separate rank lists right? one for neuro and the other for PGY-1 IM. Correct?

example: What is going to happen with the probability to match in a preliminary program if I also match in a Categorical neuro program?

How is that solved?
I can't understand it that well...disapproval

Any feeling?

Well according to this we can have a separate secondary list of preliminary med for each advanced neuro program in the primary rol.correct me if I am wrong.
Now I have another if preliminary med is part of the secondary rol then there is no way we can only match in preliminary med right?becoz that can only happen when prelim med is part of the primary rol.I hope I am clear.


This leads to another question.boy is this confusing or what?!can we include the same prelim med programs on both the primary and secondary rols?



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