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 rejections/IV for 09/20/2010  

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Dear Friends
instead of posting your IVs and Rejections separately with each post becoming a thread, and taking each forum member lot of time to search through the chaotic forum by visiting each and every single thread, we should rather report our IVs and Rejections over here and save ourselves time and energy.

Good Luck to all for the day


got reject from detroit medical center/ wayne state uni


Lutheran, Park ridge, IL


we already have a thread for IV/rejection, so why you creat a new one after many poeple already posted there IV/Rejection



because its easy to go thru one days activity in one thread rather than compiling all days info in just one thread


so if i want to see who got IV last week i need to search for those threads one by one, I think it looks more difficult that way.
What do you guys think ?



no u have to just click on the thread which has the required date in its title. i m talking about same problem. imagine someone wants to find out what happened over last 2 weeks and the he will have to go thru all posts which will run into hundreds in one thread , instead he can go to one thread for a particular date which makes the job easy. the other forum are doing the same smiling face


Thanks Doctor for being patient with my idea. smiling face So do you think it is better to go through hundereds of posts in a single thread is easier or to go through hundereds of posts in many threads (remmember IV/Rej will continue untile january) so we gonna have like 150 threads for every day. If you are worried about the date in which the person got the IV/Rejection, it is written on the top.



Heyy guys? Don't you think we shall discuss this dilemma on "Rejections/IV for 09/21/2010" topic!?? you are 24hrs behind schedule!!

I think this is unreliable service. what if I wanted to check this discussion after few years from now? Shall I check it under "Rejections/IV for 09/21/2010" topic or "rejections/IV for 09/20/2010" topic? Please clarify on "rejections/IV for 09/21/2010" topic or "rejections/IV for 09/22/2010" topic following GMT! gringrin

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