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 Post exam wait is hell  

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Yo everyone
I think I am starting to lose my cool. I am only a week out fom my exam, and am having real worries about my score. I don't think there is worse torture than having to wait this long for my score. At first I thought that I would be partying my behind off until I got my score, but instead I spend every waking hour thinking of what I could of done better, used my time better, studied, etc... I don't even know what to do with myself. I also spend an inordinate amount of time on forums looking up what other people got that had similar numbers. Sometimes I am ecstatic to see 240+, and other times, I get depressed when I see scores <230.
I don't want anyone to think bad of me b/c I want > 230, but I really spent a lot of time studynig, and even more time worrying about this thing.
For people that should be getting their scores today, I got my fingers crossed for ya.


On the same boat as you... I hate waiting for results for so loooong :x
Only few days ago but I have already started wondering what will happen.
Very good for you to THINK BIG , getting HIGH score! It's good to have positive attitude but also to be prepared for anything smiling face as there is nothing you can do now except PRAYING
Be ready for anything dear smiling face as you never know what plans God has for you...

Stay cool 8)
Good Luck


I got one for you i heard that your H and P teacher told you that even for a 16 year old kid with zits a full physical requires a rectal exam, by the way take it t z im sure you did fine


What it is brutha-man
How much do you miss H & P, bliss, the frogs etc...
Thanks for the well wishes man, and right back at ya.
tak air.


Thanks for the well wishes Js... and lotsa luck on your score too.


I was just like you. I finally got my score last week, but every day of those 4 weeks spent waiting I'd check every board to try to compare numbers... I felt like I had OCD. I had a Q-Bank score of 80% and I saw a few people with similar numbers go well over 265, so I began to feel pressured by those numbers and didn't know what to expect. To make a long story short I didn't make a 265, but I did do very well. You worked hard, you'll get what you deserve. Relax because you deserve it, and in a few weeks you'll be pleased too.


no worries, lvspro! i'm sure you did great. i've been comparing and checking #s like crazy these last few weeks, too, and i have to say, the best estimate was the nbme, which was almost exactly on the money. did you do nbme?


Hey nuprin
Yeah, I did do NBME 1, and 2. I got a 560,550. I noticed that i was getting my behind spanked in beh/sci... apparently I am not a very ethical person. I was also having trouble with Rx. Anyway, I remedied that with reading kaplan bstat, and ethics sections a couple of times, and reviewing the FA Rx section. I noticed that my score went up on kaplan stuff from ave 71% to a consistent 78%. I hope that paid off.
Anyhow, I can't imagine the stress you are under knowing that that score report is right around the corner. Got my fingers crossed for you.


I forgot to include in my last post that this was all done in less than a week b4 the exam.


This is too funny. During my entire wait for my score I would come to this site and look at other people's scores and compare, just like you are doing. There would be Nuprin telling me all would be well (I have got to say Nuprin, you were right). And I would see people with similar scores to mine getting what Nuprin would say they should get. Then I would find the person who didn't do so well with the same scores on the practice tests. And I would think, oh no. For the first week or so after the test I was the most nervous. That was when I could remember what questions I missed, what I wasn't sure about. Then you kind of forget for a while. Not really forget, but push it out of the front of your mind. Life goes on. All the stuff you have been pushing back gets done. And then one day, you see that your score has been reported, and you can see if you passed or failed. Well, then it hits you, any day now is the moment of truth. The tension starts to creep back in. And then for me, I was sure I would get my score on Sat. Well, Sat came and went and nothing. Sunday there's no mail of course, and then came Monday. All day I have been so nervous. Tachycardia all the way. I even stayed late at work to avoid seeing the mail, although I really wanted to know what I got. Then you open the mail box and see this really thin letter (reminiscient of my rejection letters for undergrad). I wripped it open, and I swear I was bouncing up and down as I walked up to my apartment. I can't even put words to my relief. I am still in shock. So much tension that has built up over the past month. Why oh why can't they just tell you the score as soon as you are done????? Don't worry, you are scoring almost the same as I did. You will do great!!!!


Hey retro
It's funny that our stories sound alike. In fact, I bet that the part about your last week is gonna sound just like mine. I will be screaming at mailmen, and getting mad @ the NBME for now. Take care.


Haha, glad to see I'm not the only one! Feel like I've gone mad, the way I'm obsessively looking at correlations.......this waiting period is torture. Anyhow good luck with the result!


Yo aish
Thanks. Good luck on your score report too. If you know any other obsessives that would like to post, tell them to feel free.
Now, I'm off to kick the mailbox across the yard.


lvspro, don't do that! then the postman will have to place your kick*ss scores under a rock in front of your door! you don't want those double nines to get soiled now, do you? :wink:


Good call nuprin.From now on I will focus my energy toward kicking the neighbors mailbox... how u say... displacement.
What have I become?
Oh by the way, are those people @ SDN serious. They are more obsessed w/beating each others scores, than actually scoring well for themselves. I wonder how those people r gonna do when they realize that a large majority of their work is a team effort? We'll see.

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