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 to Nuprin (not related to MLEs)  

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Hey Nuprin, I never noticed your signature before. Is this new??? Trying to make a statement before the Democratic convention in lovely Boston are we??? I am not in a swing state. My presidential vote is irrelevant. sad Irrelevant in the wrong way I'm afraid (of course that all depends doesn't it).


i've had that sig for some time but never here. but yeah, i think it's a pretty important quote to get out there. i don't think i'm in a swing state, either, but hey, the internet is a swing state, isn't it?

regardless of one's opinion about the current political situation, one cannot deny the veracity of and timely relevance of this statement, esp. given the last sentence that was cut off bc my sg was too long: "it works the same in any country."

however, i might be taking the quote down for a couple of months so as not to make my real-life identity obvious. ah, the anonymity of the internet...


And so the fabled Nurpin fades once again into a sea of annonymity ..... I like the quote though. I will be sorry to see it go.


thanks, retroviridae. perhaps you could pass it on...

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