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 Am I stupid  

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Now what i have done , could be a stroke of genius or jus plain stupid. contrary to popular belief, me n my friend worked out a logic of deliberately applying late to programs. i m a 2 year old graduate , with decent high ninties score, a 2nd attempt in Cs, n a passed step 3 , plus observerships n US research experience{no publications though}. Since i have an attempt in cs we figured out that I would stand no chance in the first round of screening and interviews. but maybe later during the 2nd round, with all the fresh perfect candidates allready selected , my application would look much better. Does this make any sense at all.
i have already applied to 40 programs... i plan on applyin to about 100 more....
Mr bbb .. can u shed some light .. is my logic correct or m i completely screwed... since u always say"apply as soon as u can wid as much complete application "


u r making a good point, and i wish it is true, as i`m planning to do the same, u see u are not the only s***** aroundgrin


I am no Program Director but I dont think it makes sense.
If u telling me that u are holding on a second list for financial that u see how the interviews flow in before deciding to apply for more then I guesss that is understandable. But holding on to improve your chances...come on...consciously u dont believe in that theory rite?


I also believe that it makes no sense at all. I find no reason whatsoever for PD and programs changing their filtering criteria way inside October-November. It is just not possible, they already have, probably, thousands of applications and enough stock to work on with. Just by submitting your application way inside the game, doesn't mean you'll have a better chance. And there is the general idea that as soonest, the best. It must be because something.

Now, if you are trying to delay your applications for economical reasons, that makes more sense. Good luck.


its not for economical reasons.... i think bbb somewhere said that a program reviews all their applications.... n in the 1st round if they send u a rejection .. u r done for the season... but if they review ur application late... when they hav already invited their best applicants for interviews... i think i might hav a better chance then....
of course i dont belive in this logic a 100%... thats why i m applyin to about 10 programs everyday....
as for the logic of applying as soon as u can... theres no good reason for that.... either my application will be put on hold or rejected in favour of the PERFECT candidates....
i dont know... lets wait n c....


Whatever works .... hope u r successful ...


jamesbrown wrote:
Mr bbb .. can u shed some light .. is my logic correct or m i completely screwed... since u always say"apply as soon as u can wid as much complete application "

The truth is going to hurt and you know what in your application is going to hurt you already, don't you. It's the 2nd attempt in CS.

If a program has 100 applications where the scores, research, observerships are all the same and 75 passed CS on the first attempt - who are the programs going to look at first?

I've said this many times over the years - and it doesn't get any easier: Put yourself in the PD shoes and determine who you would interview first - keeping in mind that programs themselves are graded on their board pass rates.

Yes, it's unfair. It's also unfair that I'm not tall and blond (okay, the blond I can fix), but life is unfair - get over it. Interviewing for any job, position for the rest of you entire life is going to be unfair. Get over it.


But the question still remains.... will I increase my chances of an interview by applying late.... is that how the system will work.... or r u suggesting that it wont even matter...
n I dont think that life is unfair , u only get what u deserve, n it all evens out in the end.


damn... i have jus realized, i jus asked bbb to guess my chances...... the season is making me crazy already


i know allready this is a stupid idea, but i was thinking i if thousands of applicants are applying as early as possible, may be the programs will not have enough time to review of them all together but if one or 2 applications are coming later on they might have a good chance to be seen.....ok ,i know this is how frustrating one can gets disapproval


question is james brown.. do you need a visa? thats the million dollar question for PDs...


yes i do need a visa... but i cant really do anything about it.. can I? so i dont worry about it....


programs won't send rejection to all the first round applicants and will probably choose the no attempt in CS from that bunch rather than the late applicants
but over all the point is it's not 100% predictable, so you may end up securing a post


I don't agree with your plan


oh thank u for ur wondeful explanation mr innocent devil..... i guess i m totally f#$%$ in the @@@ now....


i think it is a very good expalnation smiling face it is posted on the forum that someone called the PD and he said to him that the slots for IV are filled allready and he was not considered because of incomplete application( missing one LOR), not to mension late applicant. we both share your final comment sad


The thing is that if a program has 20 spots and 2000 applications on an average on say 5th of september,and they want to call about 500 people for iv,they have more than enough for 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounds of intervws and a waitlist.wink These lists will be made up by end-september/early-oct even if the iv is extended later in oct/nov/dec.That is what they mean by saying 'iv slots are full'.So some programs might not even look at later applications,some might consider a strong application,and some might give you a chance if somebody cancels an iv later in the season (but their waitlist candidates are waiting too!).

This is what i have understood from various blogs,forums,and talking to people.The common wisdom would be to apply as soon as possible coz its essentially first come first serve is still only september and attempts on cs is not the criteria in many many programs.research wisely and quickly or buy an img-interactive kindof list which has attempts filter for img friendly programs.There is a lot of hope still ,esp with decent scores and usce as you havenod

the one advantage of sending a slightly late application that i can see is that it can be more complete with all lors uploaded and scores available,to make it stronger and not be put on hold for incompleteness.

and somebody just mentioned somewhr on this forum,"the clue to survival is DONT PANIC' grin

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