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 DM1 vs DM2 differences question  

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Hi everyone!

Am I missing the obvious here? Why is the body usually thin/normal in DM1, while fat in DM2?
Further, why is family history more important in assoc with DM2, when DM1 has the chromosome 6 HLADQ assoc + the autoimmune (hereditary!?) mechanism??

Thanks a lot!


REgarding fat and thin:
1. In Dm1 the problem is destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas leading to NO insulin production (while glucagon IS still around), and therefore lipolysis and skinnyness.

2. in dm2 the mechanism is reduced (but closer to normal) insulin production AND insulin resistance- so excess sugar is still made into fat but there's never fully enough insulin for the sugar so the blood sugar level is also high.

The genetic stuff:

-1. In IDDM (type 1) the beta cells are recognized as nonself and killed by Tc's after a viral infection. Apparently certain HLA haplotypes somehow make this phenomenon more common

2. But in type 2 the genetic factor is predispoition towards obesity - which is apparently very strong probably due to both physiological and psychological/behavioral factors.


BumbleB, you're AWESOME--THANKS A LOT grin grin :o


I think BumbleB has given a great explanation but I would also like to add the fact that DM2 results from chronically elevated levels of glucose(in fat people)---->Increase in Insulin level----->then down regulation of the Insulin receptors occur therefore there is Insulin resistance,that is insulin is not as effective.Therefore DM2 control can be achieved by dietary regulation.I hope that helps. :!:

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