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 Which Book Should I Use For Pathology?  

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Which Should I Use For Pathology?
Kaplan Pathology

nav194, doc14, CD4, surgeonlu, Ko0oty, k87, SandyPunj, vladuslav, daradkah
9 17%
Board Review Series Pathology (BRS)

praying4a99, doc14, heal-the-world, surgeonlu, BeautifulMind, drdream, salahie, SandyPunj, 00tibur
9 17%
Rapid Review of Pathology (by Goljan)

kingsof2005, usmlekiller, precious, yasonsir, Ferritin, anna97, surgeonlu, mohamedessa2000, tariq0086, carol1176, vinegar, doctorb, Dr_Osler, hopeforresidenc, mahumitha, dr.zamalek, SandyPunj, preets, khrombie, mbbs2010, vladuslav, anilatal, minaibrahim, shaamrok, omeprazol, frankrace, Haider.2014
27 52%
Old Goljan Lecture Notes (500-36...pages)

1 2%
Robbins Basic Pathology

yasonsir, surgeonlu, SPY_1210, arac007, shubz123
5 10%
Robbins Review of Pathology

kingsof2005, usmlekiller, yasonsir, surgeonlu, SPY_1210, [email protected], frankrace
7 13%
Kaplan Video Lectures

starkid, k87, frankrace
3 6%
Goljan Audio Lectures (37 lectures)

praying4a99, kingsof2005, nav194, usmlekiller, precious, drbrd, lilyhoward, drdream, Dr_Osler, skanti, minaibrahim, frankrace
12 23%
UCV Pathophysiology

0 0%

nemdas, Ko0oty, Doc425, Doc425, Doc425, alexevillagomez, aicilef, cool_wika
8 15%
52 votes

Author83 Posts

Hey Guys I am planning to study a good book before going for UW and Q-bank.

What do you recommend?
please mention your score in step-1 for inference.

Thanks a lot brothers and sisters


Hey Guys
I am going to study a good pathology book before doing UW tests.Would you please guide me how to choose a good book for an excellent understanding in the shortest possible timeframe? Please mention your scores for a good inference
I will remember you

Thank you all brothers and sisters
rolling eyes


goljan RR book with audio is really good.....


goljan RR is not for short time frame- it has 600 takes 1 week for the first reading itself.....


Goljan RR is the best book i have read.

It , along with Audio word to word notes , is best combination for Patho Prep.



Would you please tell me what's the last edition of Goljan ?
and Where can I get Last edition of Goljan audio ?
how many hours are the audio goljan?

Thanks a lot brothers and sistersnod


audio is 37 files about 50mins


Book Description
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Product Description
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A user-friendly 2-color layout, Hi-Yield Margin Notes, and Key Points make studying easy.

100 high-quality USMLE-style review questions inside each book allow you to practice for the USMLE, and include a full rationale that lets you know why every possible answer is right or wrong.

Another 250 USMLE-style questions for each title are available at www.studentconsult.commirroring the look and feel of the actual exam, and providing detailed feedback on which areas you may need to study more.


I want to know how many hours are the audio files and where can I buy them please?

Brothers and sisters


hey all,

Am planning to do patho all of july,i did my first read of it with kaplan LN long time back ,i am used to all of kaplan LN' that all of em talk about reading goljan RR with goljan audio ,am scared cuz i am having a hard time reading RR 2nd edition ,prolly am not used to that format.

so can i combine kaplan LN with goljan audios?is that a bad combo?i will be doing UW questions too with each system i cover.

And one more thing,is general path imp?cuz i wanna start with systemic path ,as i feel am weak with it.

plz advice.



cant calculate hours
but 37 audios


Abe40 wrote:
I want to know how many hours are the audio files and where can I buy them please?

Brothers and sisters

There are 37 audios for Step 1 each is about 50 min. long. They are not for sale. You can download them of the internet from many websites.

Note: This is the 2nd time I merge your thread here. Please, do not start another one.


I love u all guys ... I found great value material through you guys !!!
amazing !!!


Hi guys... Question here.
"word to word notes" are the same as "Goljan pathology notes"... or different
If different... how to get the "word to word notes"?



Hi ocana are u using goljan pathology lecture notes,if yes how much time did it take for 1st read.


Hey uncleSAM... I'm doing Biochem... so... not into patho yet.... sorry


Ocano are u thinking of using goljan Rapid review or goljan lecture notes?


gonna use the Rapid Review... what about u uncleSAM ?


Not decided yet,currently i m reading microbiology.
Ocano what is advantage of rapid review ova lecture notes?


Check out what people says in this topic... there's people talking about they experiences... i do not have experience yet

Audiobooks are the very important thing... beside that... in terms of books looks like Rapid review is good enough. Not a very extended, huge book... but a good one

Edited by ocano on Jul 21, 2009 - 4:50 PM

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