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 Which Book Should I Use For Pathology?  

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Which Should I Use For Pathology?
Kaplan Pathology

nav194, doc14, CD4, surgeonlu, Ko0oty, k87, SandyPunj, vladuslav, daradkah
9 17%
Board Review Series Pathology (BRS)

praying4a99, doc14, heal-the-world, surgeonlu, BeautifulMind, drdream, salahie, SandyPunj, 00tibur
9 17%
Rapid Review of Pathology (by Goljan)

kingsof2005, usmlekiller, precious, yasonsir, Ferritin, anna97, surgeonlu, mohamedessa2000, tariq0086, carol1176, vinegar, doctorb, Dr_Osler, hopeforresidenc, mahumitha, dr.zamalek, SandyPunj, preets, khrombie, mbbs2010, vladuslav, anilatal, minaibrahim, shaamrok, omeprazol, frankrace, Haider.2014
27 52%
Old Goljan Lecture Notes (500-36...pages)

1 2%
Robbins Basic Pathology

yasonsir, surgeonlu, SPY_1210, arac007, shubz123
5 10%
Robbins Review of Pathology

kingsof2005, usmlekiller, yasonsir, surgeonlu, SPY_1210, [email protected], frankrace
7 13%
Kaplan Video Lectures

starkid, k87, frankrace
3 6%
Goljan Audio Lectures (37 lectures)

praying4a99, kingsof2005, nav194, usmlekiller, precious, drbrd, lilyhoward, drdream, Dr_Osler, skanti, minaibrahim, frankrace
12 23%
UCV Pathophysiology

0 0%

nemdas, Ko0oty, Doc425, Doc425, Doc425, alexevillagomez, aicilef, cool_wika
8 15%
52 votes

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Been reading tons of reviews on many USMLE forums abt the Goljan HY notes-36 pages, 100 pages, 300 pages etc. I am frankly very confused. Can anyone of you who used the notes for their preparation please shed some light? Which of these notes is best to go by? I just bought the RR by Goljan. Do I still need the notes for a quick review closer to the exam?? Which one and where can I download them? Please post a reply.....
Good luck to one and all....


Please Re-read the entire thread. Your questions have already been answered.


I found good material on for very reasonable price.


This debate has been going on for 5 years!!!


he,just for the heads up------if u were to choose 1 book out of RR or Hy lecture notes (Goljan)

which book u wud prefer???

i am sorry if this post is a repeat.

pls. everybody sseing this post --do cast their vote atleast.




Hai fellows

Wish you all 99.

Just came across that none of the 99 holders in forum been through Goljan Rapid review. Either they prepared from Goljan Notes or BRS.

For those who have done rapid Review, What should they do now for 99.


I did come across 99ers who have used Goljan RR. If you searched in old exam experiences probably it was before the book was published or got famous. RR is rated as "A" is 2008 FA. Though, personally, I use BRS.

Use anyone of them, they are all good.


Goljan RR is the best book i have read. Thats why i chose it over Kaplan or Goljan scanned notes.

And even Goljan himself told me that no need to buy contraband scanned copies online when u get what all i teach in a more reader friendly format in my RR book , with all his copyrighted Goljan slides and wonderful Path Qbank CD too ( onli with International Editions )

Seriousli, it contains everything what he teaches

Lets take a topi for example, Platelets...

I read the topic in the book.... just read it .... and the information will be presented to u in such a continuum that u will easili form connections and remember very much all the vital info in the first go itself...i mean he first gives u all the relevant normal points and then discusses how those things will get abnormal in a unambiguous way, then when i got the idea abt the topic... I listened to his lectures, he talks thru the same pattern in the RR book..welll 99% of time he does.... If he doesnt, then it means the lectures are old not his new ed RR book.... and if in between his lectures he talks abt few Usmle type Qs... which i could anser mostli cos i read RR once before , if i cudnt then i used to mark them in the word to word audio lecture notes, and then used to read those few points when i will read RR after the lecture...

The book is awesome...It sees huge ..600 pages bt most of it is pictures and the whole page doesnt contain information...Its all written point wise but in a paculiar way to maitain sense and continuum...To the sides u find space just like kaplan notes where most imp points will be written again in blue color...

Its priced at 500 rs in india... where as 1600 rs in USA.

Dont try highlighting points... if u do... u wud need a paint brush.....Exactli.... I am not joking....

I started doing it but soon realised its making my book look gawdy and lose that classic look... so stopped doing it...

Buy it

Read it

Its a much much improved version of his scanned notes.

Scanned notes looks monotonous.... no headings..... all in same color..... and may contain some outdated information....


Thanks p4ur99 & kalyan

Manytimes i misguides myself but people like you keep me atleast on track. Infact i should buy 2008 FA now

Well i admit i get much needed help from this forum, in all terms.


Ofcourse I cant meet Mr. Goljan
I was listening GIT and then went through slides and to my amazement word by word same explanations for slides
Ofcourse i cant change book all my life
Otherwise Robbins is the best Patho book around.
Thanks kalyan .Thanks p4ur99.


some1 plzzzzzzzzzzzz help ...where to do pathology from ? m really confused ....kaplan ,brs or goljan ??


hi everybody,
i downloaded the goljan links...could print everything except the systemic 336pgs.somehow they dont print inspite of having good quality scan.Please do let me know if anyone has the same problem(it is coming very light eventhough i have bought a brand new jumbo cartridge).
If anyone has other scanned copy of please do let me know/or any suggestions to overcome this.i have printed the HY and the Path qs of goljan(absolutely fine).
Many Thanks in advance.
#sorry for starting an offbeat topic but couldnt help as iam in the middle of my prep and this kinda stuff really has put me in a tight spot.


Goljan Rapid Review and Goljan Audios and Slides. they are more than enuf.


anyone who has taken printouts of goljan systemic patho scanned(PDF format)??????please help ANYONE!!


HI everyone,
Can someone please tell me how Goljan notes differ from Rapid Review Pathology by Goljan? and Which is better?


if you have time and patience, the notes have alot more detail than the RR book.

if you already have knowledge, the RR book is enough.

if you need much more information, or want to know alot study the notes.

but, the RR book is much nicer organized and cleaner, faster, easier to read and understand.


Thanx, that helps. I keep hearing that goljan notes are a must for step1, but if the book is enough thats good.


have a look at a poll in my journal.


hi guys
i just started studying for USMLE and im planning on taking the exam in oct, nov, dec.
i have 2 books for pathology: rapid review pathology by goljan and BRS.
goljan is too thick!! more than 700 pages...
BRS looks nice and i like the way it explains the material but the problem is as i heard pathology is the most important subject for USMLE and this books looks kindda small and simple to me..
im gonna order Robbins Review later cuz it has more than 1000 qs and i heard its really a good book at least for doing the qs
so wat u guys think? do u think BRS plus robbins is sufficient? or shall i study goljan instead?

Edited by SeYYeDo on May 20, 2008 - 2:07 PM


would it be ok if i used this book instead of the newer version?

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