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 Which Book Should I Use For Pathology?  

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Which Should I Use For Pathology?
Kaplan Pathology

nav194, doc14, CD4, surgeonlu, Ko0oty, k87, SandyPunj, vladuslav, daradkah
9 17%
Board Review Series Pathology (BRS)

praying4a99, doc14, heal-the-world, surgeonlu, BeautifulMind, drdream, salahie, SandyPunj, 00tibur
9 17%
Rapid Review of Pathology (by Goljan)

kingsof2005, usmlekiller, precious, yasonsir, Ferritin, anna97, surgeonlu, mohamedessa2000, tariq0086, carol1176, vinegar, doctorb, Dr_Osler, hopeforresidenc, mahumitha, dr.zamalek, SandyPunj, preets, khrombie, mbbs2010, vladuslav, anilatal, minaibrahim, shaamrok, omeprazol, frankrace, Haider.2014
27 52%
Old Goljan Lecture Notes (500-36...pages)

1 2%
Robbins Basic Pathology

yasonsir, surgeonlu, SPY_1210, arac007, shubz123
5 10%
Robbins Review of Pathology

kingsof2005, usmlekiller, yasonsir, surgeonlu, SPY_1210, [email protected], frankrace
7 13%
Kaplan Video Lectures

starkid, k87, frankrace
3 6%
Goljan Audio Lectures (37 lectures)

praying4a99, kingsof2005, nav194, usmlekiller, precious, drbrd, lilyhoward, drdream, Dr_Osler, skanti, minaibrahim, frankrace
12 23%
UCV Pathophysiology

0 0%

nemdas, Ko0oty, Doc425, Doc425, Doc425, alexevillagomez, aicilef, cool_wika
8 15%
52 votes

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ScORpiO_80 i'll be very pleased if you upload them somewheresmiling face


Hi! I am studying for Step 1. I am doing Kaplan lecture notes for all the subjects on step 1 but I just opened Kaplan Pathology lecture notes for the first time today!!!shockedshocked I wasted a whole day reading through the first few chapters in Kaplan and I must say that I dont like the Kaplan notes for Pathology. Its HORRIFYING! At first I started flipping through BRS to look up things that I was reading in Kaplan. And then I had to finally dig out my Robbins text book from my medical school suitcase!!! I studied Robbins in my med school days but I just can't read that textbook again at this stage of my life!! It took me too much pain to get through it in med school itself. So, I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!


Please tell me exactly what books I should study and how because I really dont know what to do and I dont think Kaplan is alright for Pathology.



do goljan, he himself said when he was teaching at kaplan that the kaplan book was garbage. if u have his audios and his notes, that's is all the pathology u'll need nodnodnod


Do you know where I can get Goljan in India? Also, where can I get his audios and notes and all that you are talking about. THANKS. PLEASE help. So, should I just not do Kaplan and do Goljan Rapid review? Also, the name of the book is " Rapid Review Pathology: With Student Consult Online Access" by Edward F. Goljan.....Right???? Or is there some other book by him that you are referring to? Someone gave a barnesnnoble link on this forum but I cant order from there from India. So , could you please tell me where I can get it in India? Aslo his audios and all his stuff. THANKS.


yeah the rapid review is his notes, it's the same thing, u just have to get the audios and u will be set, his notes he hands out are literally the same damn book as his own rapid review, so ur set!! i'll send u a pm, tell me if u got it!


There is no download link in that website you have given hottie. However I went on Google and searches ad you said and I found these plinks....Please check these links to make sure that they are the notes and audios that you are talking about...or have i got something else??

Here is the link for the Glojan Path Notes that I found :


Here is the link for Goljan Pathology Audios that I found:


I couldnt get a link for the slides....Does anyone have a link for the slides?

Thanks again.


Could somebody PLEASE check the above links for Goljan and let me know if they are right Goljan audios and notes that I should be doing? PLEASE...SOMEONE HELP ...PLEASE. Thanks.sad


hi everyone,

i'm pretty confuse about what study for pathology, i have listened that goljan books are excellents, but do u know what's the difference between high yield goljan (36p) and rapid review pathology, because somedody told me that high yield is better , i really appreciate your time thanks!!!


Oh shockedshockedshocked Now I am really confused....PLEASE HELP SOMEBODY....PLEASE.


sorry royaldo99,
i didn't want to confused u , i have just listened about those different goljan books, hope somebody help ussmiling face


All that ( 36 page, 100 page, spiral, terrible photocpies ... bla bla ) are the old notes. They are about 7 years old, if not older.

The new book is the Rapid Review. Im not sure which edition is the latest. You can check on Amazon.

It seems those whom used RR were satisfied. And those whom studied BRS were satisfied also. Many got 99s using either book. It is up to you to choose which one of them you want to use. BRS or RR. Both are rated as "A" in First Aid.

I dont think anyone should go and try out other materials like baby Robbins or something else. Stick to what has been proven over and over to work.

I would advise to purchase your pathology review book. Because you'll be using it a lot. It is not statistics nor embroylogy that we are talking about!


thank u very much praying4a99 for ur help, i's very helpful to menod


So, if I just do the Rapid Review Pathology by Goljan , then will I be fine? ( without doing any of the extra goljan stuff that is out there??). Can I just rely on that ONE BOOK - Rapid Review Pathology by Goljan? I am beginning to get nervous about this now.


Also, could you please tell me where to get the book in India....I have been calling several bookstores but cant seem to find it anywhere here.


rapid review = goljan notes!! that's wat i was saying before, it's the same damn thing, dont worry about downloading if u have rapid review, but u had said to me u didnt have rapid reivew, so i said perhaps u should download a set of notes, b.c they are SAME THING!! they go according to his audios as well.. pm me u email, i'll email u my searchd notes, good luck!


Rapid Review Pathology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (Rapid Review) (Paperback)
by Edward F. Goljan (Author);qid=1208201412&sr=1-1


The other notes that you are talking about are OOOLLLDDD notes that go with the audios. Like 7 years ago.

Some people use the 36 page High yields for extra review on the side.


Dude we already said that you can use BRS ONLY or Rapid Review ONLY. No other 10 year old notes! If there are topics in the book that you dont understand ... you will need to look them up in other books.

I dont know where you can find in India. We arent all indians you know. You can ask the guys in the Indian thread.


For all IMGs from india


Gee...thanks for the India link Praying...I know that all guys here are not Indians!!!! I was just asking if anybody in India was able to get their hands on the book! I know that people here are from all over the globe. It doesnt matter where we are from ....we are studying for Step 1nod

Thanks for your response and help. smiling face


dont sweat him, he's just got a huge 'tude, hahahaa.. watever, some ppl on here just liek to bark at others, that's the one thing i can't tolerate.. it's obvious how u had written it that ur in india and u can't get ur hands on it, who knows how he chose to interpret it, anyways, u should get an email from me later tonite, let me know if u get it! nodnodnod



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