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 Which Book Should I Use For Pathology?  

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Which Should I Use For Pathology?
Kaplan Pathology

nav194, doc14, CD4, surgeonlu, Ko0oty, k87, SandyPunj, vladuslav, daradkah
9 17%
Board Review Series Pathology (BRS)

praying4a99, doc14, heal-the-world, surgeonlu, BeautifulMind, drdream, salahie, SandyPunj, 00tibur
9 17%
Rapid Review of Pathology (by Goljan)

kingsof2005, usmlekiller, precious, yasonsir, Ferritin, anna97, surgeonlu, mohamedessa2000, tariq0086, carol1176, vinegar, doctorb, Dr_Osler, hopeforresidenc, mahumitha, dr.zamalek, SandyPunj, preets, khrombie, mbbs2010, vladuslav, anilatal, minaibrahim, shaamrok, omeprazol, frankrace, Haider.2014
27 52%
Old Goljan Lecture Notes (500-36...pages)

1 2%
Robbins Basic Pathology

yasonsir, surgeonlu, SPY_1210, arac007, shubz123
5 10%
Robbins Review of Pathology

kingsof2005, usmlekiller, yasonsir, surgeonlu, SPY_1210, [email protected], frankrace
7 13%
Kaplan Video Lectures

starkid, k87, frankrace
3 6%
Goljan Audio Lectures (37 lectures)

praying4a99, kingsof2005, nav194, usmlekiller, precious, drbrd, lilyhoward, drdream, Dr_Osler, skanti, minaibrahim, frankrace
12 23%
UCV Pathophysiology

0 0%

nemdas, Ko0oty, Doc425, Doc425, Doc425, alexevillagomez, aicilef, cool_wika
8 15%
52 votes

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Which one is better option?In lots of posts i saw Goljan for patho.Is that Goljan stars pathology or Goljan lecture notes?


I think the Goljan lecture notes are better


Can you explain why ?


Please give advise as where I can get(to buy) the Goljan Lecture Notes-pathology.

Is this Notes the same as the "Pathology (Saunders Text and Review Series)"-518 pages by Edward F. Goljan, William Schmitt (Editor) ?

Or is the Notes the same as "Pathology Review (Saunders Text and Review Series)"-339 pages by Edward F. Goljan, William Schmitt (Editor)

I got an audio CD for Goljan lectures(5-day), does the Notes suppose work with the audio ?

Really appreciate your help on the is topic.

Thanks a lot


Goljan notes are not those Saunders books.Those are notes that Goljan himself gives to students when he is profesor at Kaplan , so you can't buy them.Well actualy you can buy them at some ilegal sites.


Where can I find the Goljan notes? I have the Saunders book & it sucks.
Trying to get ready for step 1.


Why do you think that it sucks?


Hi, i need to buy goljan notes 2003. Can you pls email me as where/ which sites i can buy them from. i'm writing step 1 soon & i just found out about this goljan notes. pls help me out. thank you in advance.


"nataliemd2003" wrote:
Hi, i need to buy goljan notes 2003. Can you pls email me as where/ which sites i can buy them from. i'm writing step 1 soon & i just found out about this goljan notes. pls help me out. thank you in advance.

You can come to school where he lectures smiling face

They are all over the net. Just do a Google search for goljan and you will find plenty of people. His books (saunders, rapid review) are extremely good, although his textbook reads more like a novel. The review books are so high-yield it isnt even funny.


I have been trying to get the notes and have found some good sources. What other books do you recommend for Step 1.




Are Goljan lecture notes better then STARS pathology?


They are both good .


what is the difference? I know there is chapter in genetic diseases in STARS but they say lecture notes are easier to read, is this true?


I didn't use it and passed. But since you already failed once you probably want to pass with the highest score possible, so I think you should.

Good luck! wink


i ll retake the exam too , and i didnt do goljan audios in the first time .

so i decide to listen this audios for this exam , and i did , your grades will get higher after that , ill listen the audios again , before of my exam.

but it depends of you , it help me a lot to integrate everything , at first moment is boring but then it make you think fast , when you try to resolves questionsnod

good luck


I know some people who passed with 90+ without using Goljan audio. I am on my second attemp too and I did not use it for the first one. Will defenitely do it this time...


I'm studying from Goljan Rapid Review 2004, and I have no time for listening to his audio lectures, is it enough to study from RR 2004?
Also, I have Goljan HY notes (scanned PDFs), what's the difference and added benefit of reviewing HY notes over RR?


hi, people advised me more on audio, then his notes, they said if you cant read his RR, then listen his lecture and read his HY 100 pages.smiling face


nothing is enough, let me say!!!! i read goljan, and attempted UW questions, ended up writing all UW tidbits in Goljan RR.


I have the audio lectures extract on two scanned PDF books, one for general and the other for special pathology, very good, without long time hearing the audio lectures, as I'm visual learner not audio learner.
If anyone wants these extracts (these are not the HY 100 pages), just tell me and I'll try to upload them.

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