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 Broad Versus Narrow Based Buds  

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I'm a little confused about the description of the Blastomyces and Cryptococcus budding yeasts. What do you look at to see if it's broad based or narrow based buds? I mean which part is broad or narrow?

Could someone please clarify this for me. Thanks. smiling face

  #2 - these are pictures of a broad based yeast - the cells are not pinched when they divide.

Contrast this to the rather pinched budding of this Candida sp.

You also must consider the source of what you're looking at. Candida and other budding yeasts are MUCH more common than the broad based type in clinical specimens.


For some reason I couldn't see any picture in the sites you've linked. I'm getting an error but I think I know what you mean. You are speaking of the area where it's budding off, right? Although some pictures I've seen on the net are very confusing and even Blastomyces buds seen to be narrow based.

Thanks for replying though. smiling face


Go to the Image Bank (tab on the top) of the site and search for Blastomyces and Candida sp.

On Aug 24, 2010 - 2:19 AM, white-rose responded:
Thanks. I've done that. smiling face

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