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 uworld questions  

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so i was doing a questions...and it went like this....

a 3 Yo child presents with myelofibrosis, what is the underlining cause if it? the answer was ALL.

the next question was:

a 55 Yo female presents with myelofibrosis, what is the cause of her underlining problem??

and i did not get the answer for that..anyone have a clue as to what is it?


its not cml btw.


ALL can cause meyofibrosis?!!! how? i have not read about that


i dont know doctorforever, but the answer was ALL on uworld....


> 60% of cases of AML occures in patients aged 40-60 yrs
0-14 yrs ALL
i think based on age group it will be easy!


Dear Docs:

I am not liking this question. First when you give rare diagnosis we are rarely correct , so they should not be testing us this way.
Myelofibrosis----is generally seen in old patients not 3 yr old ( very rare).
I would have preferred if they had said what else can the patient have or what can it lead to...then ALL would be a good choice.
In old people----polycythemia, AIDS patient taking medications, people exposed to toxins.
AML is risk factor not a cause of myelofibrosis.

Dr. J. Iyer


AML+Myeloploferative syndromes,,,,due to thrombosytosis and release of platelate derived growth facter which cause fibrosis of BM later in the disease ,,,,followed by splenomegaly as compensatory mech. for BM failure.

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