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 2011 General Surgery Applicants!  

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@dzole: impressive scores!!!!!!!!!!!you're amazing, man!


rejection from SUNNY at SB


Once I saw you guys receiving rejections from SUNY SB, I decided not to apply there. But really, what is their problem? just the mere fact of "not accepting IMG applicants" I find it discriminatory and rude. What were their reasons? what did the rejection mail say? disapproval

Edited by pmapunk66 on Sep 10, 2010 - 5:56 AM


thanks, zealot.

The e-mail said exactly that, quite concise. However, American College of Surgeons site states that 10% of their residents are IMGs.

Well, they were honest.


pmapunk66 wrote:
Once I saw you guys receiving rejections from SUNY SB, I decided not to apply there. But really, what is their problem? just the mere fact of "not accepting IMG applicants" I find it discriminatory and rude. What were their reasons? what did the rejection mail say? disapproval

To quote them directly:

SUNY Stony Brook wrote:

Dear Applicant,
We have received your application for an interview with our general surgery program. We will not be considering international graduates for our training program. We will, however, keep your application in our ERAS file for the recruitment period.
Thank you for your interest in our program and best of luck to you in your pursuits of a career in surgery and medicine.
Program Director

I'm guessing that they have historically not had the need to prematch or go through the scramble to fill their spots, thus obviating the need for IMG applicants. That, or the program or some people in the program enacted the policy based on some unfortunate encounters with some less-than-stellar IMG's in the past. Fair or not, it's just the way it is I guess.

The proverbial "bad apple spoils the bunch" certainly rings true here.


Is this possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont believe it they would never say that officially come on...........Somebody is joking, do you really think they would reply smt that easily could be out to public!
They would never do that , i still dont believe it!shockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshocked


Technically, if it's their hiring policy, then it's fine. But if they discriminated against a certain type of IMG, say IMG's from a certain country, then that would be unethical and illegal.

I don't think any program should be required to consider IMG's for their residency training programs. I mean US physicians have a much harder time finding training positions abroad than foreign-trained physicians do in finding training positions in the US. When you consider the fact that it's US tax-payer money paying for the training positions, it becomes clear that programs would rather extend their offers to those trained within the US system, and by extension, other tax-payers.

In addition, with the percentage of foreign-educated physicians coming to the US for training who go back abroad to practice armed with their US training, it becomes even more clear. Who would want to contribute to the bankruptcy of a federal program by throwing away money? In the end, it's all about the bottom line. Unfortunate but true.


Dear ibethatsurgeon you answered to me a major question i had!
A couple of months ago i was talking with an american trained doctor in private practice. He had doen his residency in ivy league university hospital.
When i asked him why these big names dont easily take IMGs he said to me:
My previous PD although had interview IMGs with excellent credentials ( even triple 99/pubs/USCE !!!!!!!) he never NEVER accepted anyone . Why?
Because he feels betrayed when they return back to home-country!
I said betrayed ??????????????shockedshockedshocked
Thank you for the insight my friend!



Hello guys and gals! I am moved by pekovic,s attempt to start this thread.I lay my humble credentils before you and they are humble indeed for one aspiring for surgery in US...I need advice...sincere advice on whether i should apply for this match..

Step 1...99

Step 2 ....97

CS result due by October 13

No USCE,No Pub,No research

what are my chances for a prelim in a community program...I would welcome sincere straight advice on this one coz i have limited resources to spend on match or gaining clinical or research experience...It can be an EITHER/OR situation for me..


Why do surgery programs answer later than internal medicine ones? Of course you can say to me its the heavy work load but is this only or they do a more thorough evaluation of the application reflecting the competitiveness?


MGH Chicago invited me for a phone conversation, to check my English. Prelim only, J1 only. The list of all the other guys who were invited is included - there are 25 of us.

On Sep 13, 2010 - 11:47 AM, pekovic responded:
What is that program?

McGAw or Metropolitan?




Hello everyone,

Like all you surgery aspirants, I am also applying for 'General Surgery'. Applied to 63 in total.

Got 2 rejections so far, one from 1) York Hospital, PA, and 2) Michigan State Uni.

Credentials are: 2006 grad, 99/99, ECFMG certified and Step3 Pass. Research exp in US. Need visa.

Lets hope and pray for the best.


hey guys even i am applying this year.. m an fmg ... missed the sept 1 target date and applied a few days back.. hope does not hurt me badly!


The call from MGH turned into an iv scheduling. So, I've got my first one , for a preliminary though.

Edited by dzole on Sep 17, 2010 - 10:29 AM


me too..


when is yours?


First interview for Maimonides in NY. It's a 2-year prelim spot.


congrats ibethatsurgeon!


Hi have a phone conversation with MGH [email protected] what did they ask for and how did it go???

Bronx lebanon rejected after a long wait and couple of favourable emails from the pc.. i dont what went wrong!!mad

cred: 99/99, CS frst attempt, 2010 grad, 8 months usce, US lors, no research, needs visa....

so far rejections... suny upstate, inova fairfox, bronxlebanon, univ of south texas, univ of maryland.

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