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 Should I just give up hope?  

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So here's the situation: I sat for it over a month ago and screwed up some cases...2 patient notes were incomplete, left one d/dx incomplete and on another the w/u blank! I was supposed to counsel someone for something related to a top differential and forgot! There were some parts of the history I forgot to ask that were very applicable to a case. I made many strike throughs on plenty of notes! I mismanuevered a major joint exam for reasons unclear to me AND (drumroll) on one of the cases I examined the wrong organ! Badoom-chshh!! Although, I have to say in my defense it wasn't totally unrelated, it was just not part of a top differential and obviously not relevant enough! What was going through my head???? I have not a clue!!

Aggh!!! I woke up that morning not having a good feeling at all! The worst part is the day before I was feeling great. Go figure. Actually the real worst part is I failed it already once before, by skin of my teeth, and I tried to do everything in my power not screw up again but I did. I so did!

Should I just give up hope now and get it over with? What do you think?


oh yeah and did I mention...I also ran out of time and couldn't close a few cases!

I mean is it a little ridiculous that I'm even asking?

I mean, isn't it pretty obvious?


Dude, Iam on the same boat. Lots of peaple are on the same boat. Dont even think about it. What happened happened, now focus on your next goal. Everybody after taking the test feels bad or has a type of depresssiion. even me , myself , i finished the exam and the only thing I said is that i failed.............

It took me 3 weekd to get it out of my mind.

NEVER EVER Lose hope for anything. Hope is what keeps us alive for dreaming. Please dont do that, and i am pretty confident that you would be ok. As i told you evrybody keeps the bad things.Not the good ones..

So pray the good ones to far exceed your mistakes(>60%) and you would be fine



Well Guys, once I took the elevator from the 7th floor to the ground floor after my test in Houston CSEC I said to myself: I better know the way back by heart, because I was sure I failed and coming back to visit!

Things get worse with time, all What I remembered are mistakes, mistakes and more and more mistakes. I will panic; literally panic, every time I pass beside a building that looks somehow like the test center.

At the end I passed!

There is nothin to do guys after the test so keep cool!


im in the same boat !!! ugh feel misrerable !! i dont know how many qs i forgot to ask !! i dont know how my expressions were !! i was nt able to do closure on a few patients !! im so upset! it would be very sad if i fail ! im going to drop the whole usmle boat if GOd forbid i fail its burnt me out now!


mad i don`t want to read that again, no one should ever never give up hope ,u will all pass as every one else did, and even if u fail there is allways a second chance, keep your heads up, do like pekovic, forget about it till u see your report,, enjoy your life now there is nothing for u to do except pray for me to get matched grin


Keep the spirit up. Lord knows best.


this is a bad exam just keep up hope after the test u'll be finewink


Join me in as well.. I was not able to close 3 encounters.. My life is over.


i have same feelings,but Hyvee experience realy encourage me,i am always preying that i don't have to go again.The only thing i remember,is just mistakes and didn't get over with it.


Timing is critical....practice...the Sp's are coached to be as obscure as can be...this will throw off your timing....

look into clinical skills review dot net as they show complete encounters that are based on timing as well as thoroughness for each encounter...

Best of luck to you!!!!


Congrats to those who passed!

browneyes21: Never give up hope! You are not the first or the last. Where are you now in terms of practicing and retaking the exam?

hoping99: Have you received your results?


no results yet!


i passed,thanks God

It is a boost,congrats to everybody else


I screwed up one note, forgot to ask Allergies a couple of times but finished all encounters and all other notes

I know they throw out at least 2 of the worst so...........

I too am afraid I failed so we will see.

Keep the faith

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