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 CS Preparation Notes!  

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Hi All!

I am putting here my CS prep notes for all of you guys. I want everyone visiting this topic to kindly take a look at them and let me know about:
  1. The Mistakes!
  2. Sentences requiring rephrasing!
  3. Any addition you would like to have!
  4. Any deletions!
  5. Or any change you'd like!

I haven't used any any source so far for these notes. Just "our" personal knowledge which we have acquired so far...and things we learned along the way by preparing for the exam ourselves and then helping people can say... "TRIAL & ERROR"

The source of these notes are a bunch of friends living or going through Philly who were helping people prepare for their exam thoroughly or refining their prep. A sort of format came out from all those preparations. Since the pass rate was amazing, and almost everyone got matched last year, I thought to put everything in a form of Notes, which was previously being done verbally.

We have our discussions on it but still, being not sure about the stuff...I'm asking everyone to put their 2 cents...

Since you will not be able to copy the text...kindly quote beginning sentence before any suggestion...I will be grateful.


Get it from here if don't have it already installed:

P.S. for admin: Kindly send me a PM if you find anything against your TOS before banning me!


Attached Files:
CS Notes(Pre-edition).pdf (548 KB, 833 downloads)

Edited by ShadesOfGray on Jul 22, 2010 - 6:49 AM


There is one more thing I would like you guys to do...

Kindly paste links for important things which have been discussed in the forum and are not mentioned in the I can put them in the appropriate places in the Notes...


I like it,, small and to the point

On Jul 21, 2010 - 7:30 AM, ShadesOfGray responded:
Thanks...small and to the point was the main goal...any suggestions would be much appreciated!


who are these notes for?? why is it password protected?? what's the password??

On Jul 21, 2010 - 6:30 AM, ShadesOfGray responded:
Since they have a title "CS Preparation Notes" obviously they are for people preparing for USMLE Step2 CS. You'll find the thread in 3 different forums because I want people who have already taken the exam to take a look at them and give their suggestions; and point out the mistakes as well!

As far as the password is concerned...may I know what do you need it for, I guess you can read the notes and print them out as well...


Even i cant read the notes bcz it is giving msg password protected and only gray screen?shades of gray can u plz help us out?

On Jul 21, 2010 - 7:50 AM, ShadesOfGray responded:
Can you please tell me which version of Acrobat Reader are you using, try it on the latest version? Here's where to get it from:

Have you tried re-downloading it?

I checked the file on 3 different PCs before uploading. Accept my apologies for the problem. I will upload it again if the problem persists. but kindly try the above 2 things first and let me know!


dr.hina wrote:
who are these notes for?? why is it password protected?? what's the password??

I apologise for the earlier comments if you faced the same problem!rolling eyes


Yes, we need a password to open the file.

On Jul 21, 2010 - 9:06 AM, ShadesOfGray responded:
Try the latest Acrobat reader version and if you already have it...try downloading the file again!


it opened with me ok,, it is an adope acropate reader file, may be u need to update/download it first


very nice and helpingthankyou for your help


@ dr.hina, dr.sonia & Spiderman...I am still waiting for the update regarding the file!


ok i downloaded the new version of adobe.. it works now, doesn't ask for password..

it is really helpful.. thanks... especially since it is written in the dialogue format and covers systemic examination so really useful..

On Jul 22, 2010 - 6:46 AM, ShadesOfGray responded:
Glad to know that...kindly point out any mistakes if you find one!


yup, now it opens , after downloading the new software.
seems good, Short n Sweet.

On Jul 22, 2010 - 12:47 PM, ShadesOfGray responded:
You're welcome!smiling face


hi, these r good..thanks for sharing hope they will help me too.


I fall twice only for SEP so for my experience it not so stupid, as childish. It more like Chinese or Indian polityfrom 18 century nod , that only matter white man fall. ((((People don't waist time shaking head . It not productive, it will case you loose lot of expensive time. It content lot of questions, that really.... all curses recommend not ask at all. Or you have homemade reaction to answer like NO ,Doc, I do not want you make notes,)))) or no it not OK....))) so if man that put all this pass cs it not knowledge it only luck!
p.s. It looke like 11 y.o. Boy put topic about sexual performance in late 40's....smiling face


trolling is proper word to this stuff

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