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 Ob/Gyn 2011  

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Thanks for the clarification. Wow, those statistics really are depressing! So, for 2009, out of 650 independent applicants, only 69 IMGs matched?


Although the general trend might be towards more females in the field of Ob,I still think there are lots of programs out there who have males.If you have great scores,good personality to match and good US LORs,you have a good chance at matching.Please be patient for the intervie invites.Generally late in Ob and also late for IMGs.


started wondering if i did right .........answering USMLE much of time nd resource wasted............ hate it all ....... i dont think anyone can score more than 99 !!!


The OBGYN forum seems dead this year. Is nobody getting interviews?

I have two, one from NY Methodist and one from Univ Hawaii. But the one in Hawaii is only a preliminary position.


LOL. I am SO surprised to see this rampant depressive thoughts. I matched last year with scores 95plus, 2005 year of grad, ABSOLU|TELY NO obgyn experience. Duh? I DID not have any contacts in the program I matched into. AND I applied into 60 IM programs but only 10 programs of OBGYN in OCTOBER as a "back up".

After you get an interview, it's you "personality" that wins you the position. unfortunately, very few people have personality these days. smiling face I have seen many applicants interviewing at my program and I was so surprised by how inconfident or inappropriate many people are. Some are just tryin too hard and it's so obvious. Be confident but be humble and be NICE and SMILE and SMILE and SMILE. I cannot stress more on the importance of smiling and being honest. People can really read you well. BE HONEST but be smart about what to say and what not to say. IF you are "socially" successful and are a "peoples" person, matching should not be a problem.

Besides, whats the hype about OBGYN? Don't you guys know what a high litigation area this is? It is CRAP seriously. FOUR full years of crap. When you get out you are going to earn as much as an internist who completed a 3 year fellowship. In order for you to really earn good money you'd have to do a fellowship which is at least 3 years, So as a total we are talking 7 years mates! If you are up to the challenge, so do it. I am definitely doing a fellowship in REI bcz there is absolutely no way I am practicing shitty OB.....

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