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 Ob/Gyn 2011  

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Hi everybody,

so i'm applying for this Match for Ob/Gyn, who else is joining ? :-)


I am also applyin for OBGYN .
Only 1 thing..i dun knw how competitive it is for IMGs??


hey there! i am applying too this time.smiling face


are you guys or girls?


atleast i am a girl!! what about others? why is this thread dead?


its not very common for IMGs to match into OB. I think from last years data, only 50 spots out of the 1300 or so went to non american imgs.


well m a gurl too..
is it that difficult?? i presonally dun knw ne one who matched..but i wanna do this subj n only this pretty deprresed after wat u said electronikdoc..

has ne body else have any toher inputss?


hi usmle_doc, you are applying this year right? any idea how to get externship or observership in obgyn in a teaching hospital? do you have any clinical experience here.which are the preferred places to do? please share some information.


Yeah m very much applyin this yr..although my chances r less as yet to take ck..its a very diffcilut question as not many places offer obs/ext in obgyn but i know of one place which does ie univ of miami and also mt senai in miami.
other than that i dun knw of ne place which officially offers such experiences otherwise we can always contact docs personally n try n set up a shadowin exp with them but its difficult and u need contacts..
do dr.radz r u in usa? have u made the list of programs to apply??


@ usmle_doc thank you so much for the information. yes, im in US and trying to make the list. i dint know its such a tedious process !! how about you?


well I'm a guy :-)
I think it's considered "semi competitive" not as popular as dermatology but much more then peds...
maybe we should combine resources? maybe a group in facebook?


@ radz yeh its definetly tedious...i havent even strted wid it as hav my ck in a couple of weeks time..m sure u all r done wid all ur steps?

@ yaron..well i keep hearin mixed comments abt d compeptiveness..i guess aftr this yrs match wil hav a better this is my 1st one.
yeah sure grp on fb sounds like a nice lets share our credentials n the way we hav to work on tht.


hi, any rejections or interviews till now?


Im applying for obgyn too.Applied 10 programs already.Will apply 20 more.


hey! i just submitted and applied. this is very nerve-wracking. keep this forum alive plz


hey I am applying. .actually already applied for OB/Gyn. i applied 30: 15 university and 15 community hospitals.. and I am a girl and also an IMG. no USCE for Ob/gyn..good scores and no visa needed.. does any of you know if OG/Gyn programs give out Prematch or not? I am applying both OB/Gyn and Internal medicine. OB is my ultimate goal but I am not brave enough to take the risk for matching.. any ideas???


its not very common for IMGs to match into OB. I think from last years data, only 50 spots out of the 1300 or so went to non american imgs

ElectronikDoc, Where did this depressing statistic come from? According to the 2009 NRMP match report, there were 941 US seniors and 650 independent applicants trying to get 1185 OBGYN positions. 874 US seniors matched and 283 independents matched. The mean step 1 for the matched independents was 212, and for the unmatched was 205. NRMP did not break out how many of the independents were non-american IMGs but they are usually a small minority of the total independents.


Please look at the statistics again the NRMP 2009 and 2010 statistics again.It says clearly that NON-US IMGs (IMGs not US citizens)that have matched in 2009 is 69 and in 2010 that number is 59.
It does not matter whether the applicants are independents or IMGs,there are US citizens who do medical school outside the country and do their rotations here in the USA and have US LORs and they definitely have a great advantage than Non US IMGs.
I do not know your visa status but for all practical purposes for those who need a visa and are IMGS the numbers you need to look at are 59 and 69...which is extremely low.
I hope this helps


The data and break up of applicants is available in page 5 of 2010 and 2009 NRMP main residency match results and data.


also it is not broke down into sexes, but those 59 are probably female. Women in the US are very particular about who their obgyn is. males are no longer wanted by programs because of this... and let alone a male from subcontinent or other foreign country. its the sad reality

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