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WOF blood products have the least risk of transmission of Viral illnesses (HIV, HBV, etc)?
a. factor VIII
b. Fresh frozen plasma
c. cryoprecipitate
d. pooled albumin


A ?


d? :roll:




factor VIII???


Virus transmission risk of blood components

NO RISK Albumin, Immunoglobulin products

SLIGHT BUT POSSIBLE RISK Pooled plasma products(e.g. Factor VIII, etc.)

LOW BUT FINITE RISK Red cells, Platelets, FFP / Cryo, Granulocytes

The risk of disease transmission by transfusion is reduced by screening out ‘high risk’ donors prior to donation (i.e. by questioning at blood donor sessions), testing the blood samples for the presence of viral agents and specifically treating the product (e.g. heat treatment of albumin).


good q thanks cache

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