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 2011 Radiology Applicants  

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Hi pqrs smiling face 2010 grad is awesome - big plus.
do you have US LoRs?
US residents have recommended me to take my rads PS and just add a line or two about how the clinical experience will help me become a better radiologist blabla...
no need to write a whole new PS! they know you're not planning to spend the rest of your life as a prelim intern smiling face


Hi have a couple LOrs from the states..However my credentials are still pending verification by tense about that..Radio for IMG,no publication,pending verification,not sooo sure how feasble it is...already the motivation is dipping even before the startsadsadsad


too late to start whining now pqrs grin let's just go ahead and apply!
i have the same problem - no ecfmg certificate yet, probably not for weeks...


hi everybody , i am in the second year.


Hi.. wassup guys???Plz keep us informed.Waiting for your posts since long.


well I have had 5 interviews (and that will definitely be it since I will not be able to travel to the US in the next few weeks, even if I were offered another interview, no matter how great). I am well aware that 5 is a ridiculously low number compared to US grads, but I am by no means complaining since all of them are at programs where I would be absolutely thrilled to match. None of these programs offer prematches (most of them aren't what you'd call "IMG-friendly", as in, I am lucky to even have received an interview there), so I will be going through the match just like everyone else and really hope it works out. I got offered a prematch from a prelim program that I really liked, however I had to decline it because in order to accept it I would have had to withdraw from the Rads match which obviously would have made no sense.
Hoping for the best and wishing all of you out there the best of luck smiling face

PS: to everyone who thought I was insane when I first posted on this thread: no, I still don't have any backup specialties grin

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