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 x-linked recessive inheritance  

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a male inherits x maternally and y paternally. female inherits x from each parent. one of the x in the female is randomly inactivated, therefore, there can be an affected heterozygous female who manifests the disease.

question: how can an affected male transmit the affected x to a daughter who is unaffected and transmit the same x to an affected son? assuming that the x in the unaffected daughter is inactivated (inactivation is fixed acdg to kaplan and so will all the x in the descendants)


male wont transmit an X to his son


oops sorry. for clarification, male transmits to daughter and daughter to her own son (3rd generation)


i dont remember exactly but i think x inactivation does not occur in germ cells
(x inactivation occurs on 16th day post fertilization and is random)


You often see X linked recessives (like Hemophilia A) skipping a generation: affected grandfather->normal mother-> affected son

So go figure...

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