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 Testicular Torsion  

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During routine examination of the genitalia, in a 21 yo male, a physician begins to twist the Right testicle in a counter-clockwise direction. After 12 and 1/2 turns about testicular axis which cord will snap first?


do u mean spermatic cord ?




:shock: :shock:


That was a joke right? Because otherwise why would you be so mean? It is a routine exam :lol: :lol: :lol: Doc.
A Q though, how do you untwist a testicular torsion in the right and left :?:


Have the patient hang by the twisted testicle and have him spin out of the torsion under the work of gravity and the potential energy of the twisted tissues. :-)

if serious it in OR, open scrotum under general, untwist the testicle, check for viability, if doubtfull or frankly ischemic. remove it. If ok looking and viable fixate both tesicle with non-absorb suture to the scrotal sac.


I read that the right testicle twists clockwise while the left twists conterclockwise so if you untwist them, you turn them the opposite direction respectively conterclockwise and clockwise. Is it not beautiful, I hope it is correct.

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