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I interviewed a myriad of people in relation to UK Based Tax Barristers and accumulated the following information. I trust that you find it informative.

Tax barristers advise on corporate reorganisations and restructurings as well as commercial transactions, including domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, demergers, capital raising, joint ventures, tax efficient holding company and financing structures and permanent establishment issues. Tax barristers act in relation to pension schemes created by statute such as the Local Government Pension Scheme, the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and the Universities Superannuation Scheme. Early legal advice helps address problems before they escalate and can prevent cases going to court unnecessarily. Instructing a barrister through the Public Access Scheme can, in some circumstances, result in savings on the cost of the preparation of your case and its passage through court without compromising the standard of service you receive. As someone who has instructed tax counsel on many occasions over the years, I have always found them to be eminently approachable, and their assistance to be invaluable. I have heard it argued that using tax specialist firms is a viable alternative to using tax counsel, on the basis that a similar level of service can be provided at a lower cost. Barristers are foremost experts in their specialist area of law. If you are faced with a legal problem and need clear guidance to help you to take the right decisions, you should consider instructing a barrister to get a Counsel’s Opinion

Exploitation of intellectual property rights is a matter which an competent tax barrister may advise upon. Barristers that are experts in pensions matters have advised plan sponsors on the complexities of plan asset transfers, mergers, conversions and wind-ups, including undertaking reviews of historical plan documents and preparing submissions to the regulators. Residence and domicile issues under the more tightly defined regime is a matter which an seasoned tax barrister may advise upon. The government's right to claim the tax that it owns is a property right, just like any other, defining tax in this way reinforces the property right of everyone in a society and says everyone has the right to own what is really theirs. A Tax Barrister service will represent clients to determine the best fit for their needs.

Great Minds

Barristers often take the question of whether a witness is appropriately qualified as a given, although it is always worth checking. A barrister with expertise in real estate tax can give advice in relation to tax implications of acquiring and holding UK property via companies, partnerships, limited partnerships and LLP's. There’s a constant demand for tax law expertise, and the services of a tax barrister are definitely relevant all year round. Competent tax specialists could advise on the increasing complexity of UK tax law. The best tax barristers regularly deal with domestic and cross-border investigations. Specialist assistance for Inheritance Tax Advice should be sought whenever required.

Qualified tax specialists could advise on where an indication is sought as to whether the point is of sufficient interest to justify further consideration. Tax barristers must not only have the ability to translate and implement complex tax legislation, but must also be able to advise on how to structure deals in a legitimate and tax-efficient way to avoid conflict with, and potential penalties imposed by HMRC. As pension schemes mature more trustees and sponsors are seeking insurance solutions to manage pension scheme risks and volatility. These are among the most significant and longest-term transactions that pension fund trustees will enter into, with major implications for member security and for trustee and employer exposure to any ongoing risk. Pensions barristers advise on the legal aspects of long-term pension scheme funding arrangements with a view to the scheme's overall journey plan towards self-sufficiency and/or buyout. Some of the foremost tax barristers advise generally on all taxes and duties, both direct and indirect. They consider the tax effects of past and future transactions, and pride themselves on providing practical advice that is legally precise and commercially sound. Professional help by any Domicile Advice service will provide value for money.

Highly Respected Barristers

The Common Reporting Standard and information gathering and exchange by Revenue authorities are matters which an experienced tax barrister may advise upon. Some barristers have a particular focus on international tax (including sourcing arrangements and international IP and corporate structures) and VAT. Some tax barristers have a broad practice involving every type of tax and proceedings including tribunal appeals, judicial review, professional negligence, restitution, insolvency and even criminal proceedings There are some things that a barrister cannot do on your behalf and which you will have to do if you do not have a solicitor. This may include filing documents with the court and paying court fees. Utilising a tax barrister can reduce failure risk from attempting to manage and understand tax laws yourself. Any Pensions Advice service will not reveal what he or she has been told to anyone else.

Seasoned tax barristers have extensive trial experience. The tax aspects of investing in a business can be advised upon by a tax barrister, as can taking up residence in the UK, leaving the UK or returning. Throughout history war and tax have been intimately related. If war and tax are linked in that way so, by obvious implication, are peace and tax. Peace reduces the amount of tax required to be extracted from an economy. The relationship is almost that simple, and most would think that this outcome would be a good thing. One can unearth supplementary facts regarding UK Based Tax Barristers in this entry.

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