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 Someone please stop this bazaar  

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Over the past few months one has noticed many posts on this forum trying to advertise/ market / sell/ peddle usmle exam prep courses and help. I for myself was initially delighted to see the posts tae way they were marketed and titled as help. Almost convinced that we as doctors do indeed give back to society and forums that we have benifited from in the past....till I read .....only a monthly payment of $ xxx.

Then I go dang this is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP

Some like Dr Khan even go to the extent of replying to posts looking for study partners, vehmentely peddling his goodies. Someone please ask him to take this cart elswhere. Another Dr salim dmc who in claims to hold a Ph.d gives you a free trial of 10 days. Then there are numerous posts selling their books and software( very few of us have actually bought them so I personally feel that selling the very same stuff that was acquired free is disgratitude). Dr salim dmc infact has even posted his score report online. One expects a bit more discretion from a Phd. Next we ll find him at times square with a tent n banner and his score report as the flier.

Admins I request you to please take notice and end this. This is unsolicited solicitation. Next we know there will be a Dr X who will ask for a payment to answer a question posted by a curious member.Or create one and ask for payment to answer it. These practices need to be nibbed in the bud and needs to be done quick.

The reasons for this could be many constraint by the time one has his/ her USMLEs or plain GREED. I for myself would hate it if this forum became a Prep4usmle bay or Pay for prep4usmle.There can be a dedicated section for ads and these could be charged to fund the site. And then there always EBay or Craigslist. Untill then I request everyone "Please dont peddle on this site and spoil a forum which has really helped us with relief duing so many anxious nights and boost so many of us to 99s and 90s. This forum was created for posting knowlwdge. It is disheartening that some use it for Commerce. Someone....Please stop this Bazaar.


Thankyou for bringing up this is indeed very disturbing to see such people..............

I absolutely love Prep4usmle and have been a fan for the past 5 years,,,,,, and I don;'t want it to be invaded by greedy cheapsters........


I agree we are supposed to help each other not sell sell sell


Thank you Amkhit. Some of these people are very aggressive and pounding me with PMs. Finally, I emailed her and told her that she doesn't have my permission to spam me and to write her hidden agenda on my posts for study partners.


To further the cause, Im giving away stuff for free

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