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 no past residency possible ?  

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is it possible for non US IMG with no past experience in anesthesia to be accepeted ??

scores are above average,


Agnosia, im interested in anesthesia and i ve been watching it for last couple of years...i personally know atleast 3-4 IMGs matched in anesthesia...all of them are atleast 240+ double 99 w st3 >90 and two of them were atleast GC holders(if not UScitizen) w 2 years anesthesia exper in home country and some US exper. in anestesia itself(even 1-2 months is enough to add something more on your CV).As you see if the whole CV that matters, not just the scores as other people would think...Anything is possible and i think you'll never know till you try your best!

If is possible w your credentials? God knows! tough Qs to answer to, even for a person w little bit of everything on their CV....never know till you shoot your best...

GL nd let us know how it works out in your case

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