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Hi Everyone!

I joined your forum recently and want to take the opportunity to introduce myself and Gunner Training. My name is Ben and was Pre-Med at Harvard (Bio major, Health Policy minor) and I've been in love with medicine and health care since the 8th grade (the catalyst was reading Muscle & Fitness magazine!). For the longest time I wanted to go to medical school, but after college I finally made the VERY hard decision that I would be better fit for the policy and business side of things. Since then, I've worked in various settings such as hospital management (as an Administrative Resident at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital), International medical relief (as exec director of an NGO,, that provides free medical care to children worldwide), and on health 2.0 startups.

I am now CEO of a rapidly growing and innovative online medical education platform -- Gunner Training. The first application of our platform prepares medical students and professionals for the USMLE Step 1. Although we launched in late April 2009 and have done little to no marketing to date, we already have thousands of members (we think that most people hear about us from their friends). Our founders are Harvard-trained docs (Plastic, Ortho Surg, and an Anesthesiologist) who crushed the USMLE, but who were nevertheless frustrated by the countless hours they wasted relearning things they forgot because they didn't review it soon enough, or because they didn't fully master it the first time around. They were amazed that, although the medicine they were learning was based on science, their medical education (e.g. what they studied, when, or how) wasn’t in any way scientific.

Gunner is bringing medical education into the 21st century by creating the World’s first data-driven and personalized medical learning platform -- supporting Medical students and professionals throughout their careers (with a focus on preparing them for defining events such as standardized exams). Unlike USMLE World or USMLERx, Gunner Training is not a one-size-fits-all program nor merely a question and/or flashcard bank. Instead, Gunner is an adaptive learning platform that creates and constantly refines personalized programs for each of its members based on both individual learning styles and aggregate insight derived from thousands of peer users. Gunner combines cutting-edge learning and memory science, statistics, math and computer science (e.g. AI, graph theory, etc.) with high-yield content to not only help people to master medical knowledge more completely and quickly, but also make sure they retain the knowledge they will need to advance their careers. We have all experienced the frustration of forgetting material come test day and this ubiquitous and rapidly-decaying forgetting curve has been demonstrated in countless studies – recently in medical students and practicing physicians (check out our Founder’s recent presentation at Dartmouth and MT3,, to learn more about knowledge attrition:

An illustrative example of Gunner’s scientific approach to medical education can be seen in the application of our technology to a one key learning principle – “spaced learning” ( Hundreds of studies have shown that optimum learning and retention occurs through repeated presentation of related material such that one’s understanding of a subject is both enhanced and reinforced at each related review session. Studies have also shown that the timing of the review is key – not only because reviewing something too early is a waste of time and too late is an even bigger waste of time since you will have to relearn it – but because getting the timing right will result in highest possible conversion of the learned material into long-term memory. In fact, Professor Yi Zhong at Cold Spring Harbor just isolated the protein associated with long-term memory formation and spaced learning! How cool is that! Check it out at:

HOWEVER, calculating the interval between reviews is hard and figuring out what material to present as review (especially since the goal is not only retention, but also complete integrative mastery) is even harder. At Gunner, we determine the optimum interval through a combination of data – not only from the individual student – but also from aggregate insight derived from thousands of their peers. We then determine what material to present by seeing not only what types of material helped reinforce your understanding before, but also what worked best for people like you in the same situation.

For example, say you were studying Nephrotic Syndrome and, immediately after your study session, we tested you and found out that you forgot most of the key concepts. Our system would then schedule a review of the material much sooner than if you had demonstrated fully master of the subject. Moreover, we would also increase the emphasis on fundamental topics like plasma oncotic pressure and the role of the liver in lipoprotein synthesis to make sure your lack of mastery of Nephrotic Syndrome wasn’t due to a lack of understanding of anything else. We would also increase the emphasis on related topics such as lupus, diabetes, amyloidosis to help you integrate your knowledge – essential for long-term memory and performance on the USMLE. The degree to which we would emphasize what material would also be based on what worked best for your peers in the same situation. With millions of data points, our predictions are significant (statistically speaking) and are increasingly so.

To take a quick tour of Gunner, check out:

I look forward to being a part of the Prep4USMLE family and would love to hear from you if you have questions about Gunner, my love for Scottish Terriers, anything really! smiling face

Warm regards,

- Ben


Hi Guys! Our Step 1 and MCAT programs are growing very fast -- no doubt thanks to your support! To thank you, we'd like to offer you and your friends a free trial or both of our programs!

To start a free trial of Gunner Training's USMLE Step 1, click here:

Free trail of Gunner Training's Pre-Med/MCAT Program:

Here is what people are saying about our MCAT and USMLE programs:

"I absolutely loved this site. I really wish I knew about it before starting 2nd year. It would've been amazing to use it while studying for courses. You can say Gunner Training is just perfect. I've already recommended the program to my Dean of Student Affairs." ~ A.H., Gunner user since June 2009

Read more USMLE Buzz:

"The course was right on the mark. Absolutely the most efficient way to study for the MCAT." ~ S. Margulis, Columbia University

Read more MCAT Buzz:

I hope all is well with everyone & thanks for your continued support! As always, let us know how we can improve!

- Ben


Hi Guys! We recently wrote a blog article with some recent data and analysis showing the increasing importance of Step 1 scores in the Residency Match process.

Check it out and let us know what you think, if this is helpful, and what else you would like to see us research and write about! Thanks!

- Ben


We also just launched a new reward program wherein you can earn free months of Gunner Training for every person you refer (who joins). Then, you can use the months yourself or send them to your friends/classmates!

Check it out!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions.




is there any place on the site that has the price for your program. i can't find it.


Yes! You can find subscription plans & pricing info at:


there is no way we can compare our scores with others?what percentage of correct answers in your blocks correspond to 99?


thanks for the links really helpful

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