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 gestational diabetes  

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can anyone plz tell me when we deliver a women with gestational diabetes ? and a women with overt diabetes ? is there any difference ? can we wait till 40 weeks or we have to induce labor before that


i searched on this topic in many websites , each tells different thing , i learnt in my medical school that in mothers with gestational diabetes we can wait till 40 weeks if spontaneos delivery does'nt occur before that , but in mothers with overt diabetes we can wait till 38 weeks , after that stillbirth and difficult labor
increased significantly , but as u mentioned kaplan does'nt make any diference between them , so i guess i will follow kaplan
thank u very much


I'm pregnant and I just found out that I may have gestational diabetes. I'm scared because I don't know what affects it is going to have on me or my baby. I read that the baby will be large and will be difficult to give birth to. I also read that it will be prone to being obese, "fat", or diabetic later on in life. If anyone has any information on this, please let me know! Has anyone else experienced this during their pregnancy as well? I'm worried and scared. Please help.
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for the exam, I would also follow Kaplan.
for real life, I would follow the doctors' advice. There are too many different patients. All complications are possible but most are rare.

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