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 Role of magnesium sulphate?  

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UW says magnesium sulphate given during eclamptic attack has the sole purpose of preventing further seizures and has no role in aborting the ongoing seizure.
Kaplan says you give 5 gm IV bolus of MgSO4 to STOP seizures.
whats ur input guys? i have 2006 edition of KLN so i was wondering if the newer editions have some upgraded information?


hmmm.. thanks for ur reply Fred.
Obviously its imp to know its role bc there are direct Qs in UWasking for it.
Its so frustrating when you get such Qs wrong bc you are retaining info read from KLN!


MgSO4 prevents recurrent seizures, UW is correct. No attempt to shorten or abolish the initial seizure is generally needed; the first priority is to prevent maternal injury and to provide respiratory and cardiovascular support. You cannot place an IV line and administer MgSO4 while the patient is seizing. Good observation though, thanks a lot!


the question mentioned a lady with all the signs and symptoms of severe preeclampsia, then suddenly she developed tonic clonic seizures and was given MgSO4 .Then they asked what is the role of MgSO4 given to this pt. is it...
1)to abort ongoin seizure?
2) stop future seizure episodes
3)can't remember
4)can't remember


kaplan notes 2008-2009 says give IV mgso4 to Prevent convulsions in preeclampsia yet they say administer to stop the convulsion in eclampsia
u guys reached a resolution?


To answer your question the answer covers both. The Mg you give can abort or prophylactic. I can see they choose prophylactic because the one injection will stay in the system and act long term.

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