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 GLAVA 3: Step 3 and residency  

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Hey good luck, it is hard to study during internship, second year is better, keep up studying!


Here I am...Plan is to take the exam in 02/2012. I am using Kaplan, crush and USMLE world. Will do questiones in tutor mode and by subject. Today did Psych and got 75%. Will do some rheumatology questiones...


I also use First Aid for has more info. Did Rheuma, Neuro and GI questiones from usmleworld.

Step3 score = 2.3 USMLEworld% + 80 raised eyebrow

Edited by sigh on Sep 24, 2011 - 9:58 AM


Endo - 59%


all the best, sigh!! how do you like crush step 3?


"Crush" is very short and condence...It is good for quick study...easy


Hi old friend grin
Wish you all the best in your test and residency.

What do you think... UW + MTB as only source?? I just want a decent score 90+
Thanks and keep in touch wink


thank you sigh, GL to all your tests!! smiling face


Cardio - 55% disapproval

Derma - 65%smiling face


hi minister love u too. smiling face


Hem/onk - 68%.
In-training exam is over.
Life is good rotations wise...


HI Sigh

It was great following your posting. Inspiring to me and very helpful.
Good luck with your step 3 prep.


HI Sigh

It was great following your posting. Inspiring and very helpful.
Good luck with your step 3 prep. Keep posting too whenever you have the time, it provides a light in the dark tunnel of preparation for residency.


ICU is not so difficult as it seems to be during my first rotation. Good cases...CNS toxo in HIV! Multiple myeloma with spinal cord compression! ARF with Cret of 19.5/ BUN and learn

I took my naturalization test today. Looks like my life is full of tests...

Residency bother me in the way that it it so difficult to change rules even if existing one does not make any sense. People are too busy to listen.

What did I learn...Idiots help us appreciate ourselves.

All above looks like notes from a mentally sick patient's diary...opswink


Happy new Year people! This is IV season...when I see new applicants then i remember myself being in their happy that it's over.

I have next week off then I will continue peds rotation...step 3 should be done in 01/02 2012!!!sticking out tongue


02/13-14 2012nod


USMLE world - 62%
USMLE world self assessment today 01/22 - 500/217. I just need to pass. Am i safe?

Exam day still plan for 02/13-14
01/23 - my daughter's Birthdaysmiling face

There is no time to study in residency. If you can take the d... step3 before your internship.


01/27/2012 - I am a USA citizen.
Tomorrow my FP rotation it! 2 weeks until the exam. No time to study but it is oksmiling face


Today is 1st day. 48 questiones x 7 doneraised eyebrow


Night float now...I am dead sad

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