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 GLAVA 3: Step 3 and residency  

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I think it is tradition for me to start my journal with payment...No...You did not get it right. I has not paid for step 3 yet ( by the way it is $700.00) I paid my taxes today. Woo-hoogrin

I look through these web sites boring...omg

I guess it is better to register at least 3 month before you want to take the test because of processing time. It is better to schedule your testing appt with Prometric ASAP. It is easier to go with well checked by other IMGs, CT (there are other options like Delaware) which doesn't have a lot of requirements but I live in NY so I decided to do some research about NY license first.

I got prematch in FM so I'll start my residency at the end of June. The question is not "Do or not to Do"...The question is "When" My friend told me it is a good idea to clear it up now. My mind is telling me that it would be easier to do it at the end of 1st year. I will probably will be short of time to study but my program will pay this fee for me or option # 3: I just do not want to studysticking out tongue

I read my friends journals before starting mine. I am in process of receiving Dr. Fisher's book which I bought on

Will start as soon as I will get it. May begrin
Now I will review ACLS and BLS manuals because my certification is about to expire. I need them for my oncoming residency. If you have nothing to do then it is a good idea to get these and PALS...

Good luck to me! Good luck to you!nod


Hi sigh,,

let me be the 1st one to say,,,, CONGRATS !!!nod for the pre match,that's really great,,sooo happy for u. may be u can help me find a spot when i apply for the match next year .

by the way ,,i passed my CS smiling face now working hard on step 1

well,congrats once again...TC


Hi sigh!

Nice to come to your new journal

Have a nice day!


congrats sigh for prematch...great feeling...


Hey everyone! Today is slow. No book, no preparationwink


hiiii!it turned out that the storm is coming so they closed the schools here,so the kids are at home....try to imagine how much i can study!!!!but i have to finish reading the hemato,onco notes are also small,so i am tempted...
how is the feeling of being free of worries?congrats one more time for your prematch,i didn't get any sign here,so i am still witing and praying,not to much hopes,but ....
so let's do this last one....i am waiting the match result to know how much effort i really have to put on this exam,until then i am just doing a the MTB 2 days ago......but i wont touch it until i won't finish the Kaplan notes!
how is the family...i can imagine how happy they are that everything turned out nice for everybody!!!no moving,not other schools...grin
hava great day !enjoy the waiting for the bookwink to come!!!


sigh me too , so slow here, a big storm around , my doggie is looking the window with his cup of tea


Unfortunetely my enjoyment was not long enough...I got the book...I hold it in my hands...I look through...I look at my CK notes...omg...I don't want to startconfused
I don't want to start and I need exuse for myself so I start collecting info about our house refinancinggrin It feels good because I can't study...I am busy with other thing...grin
Tomorrow I will drive to NY time to studygrin
After tomorrow there is going to be a huge winter festival in my town so I need to take my daughter there and spend some time with my friend. I can't skip this because my friend is upset because she has found out that her loving husband has been in love with her friend...omg...I better study then listen to thissad but...sounds like mexican TV show...grin
After after tomorrow I work 12 hour shift 11am to 11:30pm...I am an RN so far.

So does anybody has an advice for me when I can study?grin


just start when you are going to be ready....take it easy and gradually increase the time spent studying!!!!!have a good one!


Hi Sigh dear smiling face I know how it feels. That's why I stopepd my prep. Hehehehe. But I had a legit reason. Will join you soon! Actually I may start reading MTB slowly nod


Hi sigh!

Happy Valentine's Day! Wish you a lots of love and understanding grin.



Where are you? grin


Hi guys! I was so busy these days. I gave a present to my LoR writers. I got my national wine in hand made ceramic bottles and pens with their names engraved on. I work. I am trying to refinance my house. I am collectiong documents to send my child to my home country this summer without adults, I mean she will fly alone. I took my child tubing today and was able to read couple of pages from Dr. Fisher's book. So, of course cardiology is the first one for me to start because it is my less favorite part...unfortunetely it is the most important in my future FM practice...So, I did start today...02/18/10...the beginning...smiling face


hi sigh , cardio ,cardio , cardio, i love cardioshaking head, i love cardioshocked, i love cardioconfused, repeat that until you believ thatraised eyebrow
ps i love cardiorolling eyes


hi sigh!

nice too see you again!

Study hard! it is last step grin after that you will be surrounded by glorywinksticking out tongue


Sigh dear! Hows the prep goin? smiling face


I am sick books so far...sad


I hope you feel better soon...bad weatherwink


Get better soon! Hugs!


It's snowing outside. Everything is dressed in quiet..My dog looks at me with eyes full of anguish...she loves snow...but I can't take her outside to play because I am sick...

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