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 Needed some help!  

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Hi, I am an IMG from Pakistan, graduated in december 2007, my step 1 score is 221/92 and waiting for my step 2 CK result, will travel to US for CS after a couple of months. I will be applying in Pathology in the 2011 match. I do not have USCE or any research at my home country.

There is something that I'm really scared & worried about and I believe that it will really hurt my chances of matching. Actually after my graduation, I just have 2 whole years of exclusive studying on my CV, without doing anything else. I was totally focused on these exams and did not want to compromise my scores at any cost. Plus there were some personal/family reasons that I wasn't able to give my exam earlier, but I know that these are just excuses and don't really cover any gaps on my CV. My question is, how badly have a hurt my chances? Should I stop considering Pathology and look for less competitive fields? How bad does it look and how much it would affect a persons chance of matching at all? I can fill in few months with the little bit of clinical work i did for a short span, but it doesn't really cover the whole 2 years.

This is a big source of worry for me and if anyone can give me an honest opinion about it, I would really appreciate that. Thank you!



You can always try to explain your gaps in your personal statement. If you can get some experience in pathology in US you should do so. Even as volunteer if you can. Getting letters from US pathologist would be of great help.

Good luck!

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