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 P4U plagiarism!!? Moderators pl see  

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All my journals have been pirated! This is outrageous!!!!!!


I have just emailed the admin about this whole thing.


so what lilac....why are u taking that serious.....we are posting normal stuff here....doesnt matter if someone copies to another forum.........

we have informed moderators ...they will take care of it

u dont disclose your information thats need to stop posting here just bcoz of some idiot doing all this stuff n thinking he l earn money thru this....his site is so haphazard cant even find anything dont worry n keep posting

u are keeping a track on ur preparation with ur friends in this forum....what have u to do with who so ever f***ing guy he may be....
dont spoil ur exam preparation bcoz of all such crap


this is creepy...our experience,our Q,ok,but our journals???????????????????

there isn't any way to don't let them to copy and paste from this forum?we can deal with it if we know that this make our forum safer....


I know Tina. Plagiarizing our journals is below the belt sad Im still keeping my prep journal though coz I need it to keep myself focused and motivated but wont post anything beyond prep stuff anymore like I used to shaking head


good u have decided this way dl... actually this should have been our attitude right from the beginning... dont post anythin personal or beyond prep out here on the worldwide web!!! it takes some stupid incident like this to caution us i guess...

anyways have fun ppl and keep posting sensibly..grinwink


Hi folks, this is not a new problem, somebody reported this few months ago.

It seems that this website is cloning our forum content without my permission.

I have used email and phone contacts of the domain registrar wihtout succeess. I will try to contact the hosting company also.



Thank you admin.


Thank u prep4usmle...smiling face


It is true... my posts are there also !!!... and i have different names !!!


Hello dear prep4usmle... hmmmm i was googling few days back for med topics n saw those Rx links instead of P4U... the most strange that they got space in google search engine so soon...raised eyebrow

Today when i went there they have placed Tickers of the posts.... well...if ur emails n contacts arent working... i wont ask u to play dirty games.... but better contact someone whoz casual in this work... i don need to tell ya grin... u know wat to do now.wink

Otherwise as that website seems to be in initial stages of developement... so sit back n relax n watch where this website goes...
no trafic ----> no sponsors ----> website is going down in 3-6

Take care n regards
Keep rocking smiling face

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