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 P4U plagiarism!!? Moderators pl see  

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Was just randomly browsing net when i came across this... the posts ( whole threads actually) are just flicked from P4U n posted in this forum... using different user names... strangeshocked ...


That is very fishy and weird!
raised eyebrow


oh my god, i just saw my post under someother namemad
how can they get away with it
cant u guys "prep4usmle" do something??????

Edited by nitts2009 on Oct 19, 2009 - 6:06 PM


Me too!!!!! What is going on here?! This is creepy! Moderators pls do something sad


I am so tempted to email the admin or whoever is incharge of that forum but can't find the contact pagerolling eyes


i tried looking for that too, could not find itshaking head


Seriously there are a lot of our threads that have been plagiarized!


hi ppl.... i know this plagiarism thing is really freaky and not cool...mad
DL... even ur CK experience thread is there... hmmm... hope the P4U ppl pay attention to this ... But i really dont know if they can do anythin about it....


I know!!!! Grr!!!! I wanna register on that forum and give their admin a piece of my mind! mad


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I know my posts are not very helpful but I would not feel comfortable putting some tougths here and just see that they could be spread somewhere else .

It is not good, anyways....I will see some of you in FBsmiling face....I will continue visiting here but not sure if I can share some personal thougths like I used to do...sad


Me too!!! I just emailed you guys on FB...pls reply...


shockedshaking headshaking headshocked
mine too............
what is all this?


I don't know Angel but I don't feel comfortable anymore...


hahahahha.... my patho thread "What Goljan Says" is also there... wow nice work done by those freaks... n the most funny thing was the names under my post like Hinz, Romili, dragon...

They seems to be pretty smart punks... its hard to place names under each single post by manual method... but I think they have used smart scripts and website languages... the questions rises here... HOW P4U admin can manage to shut that thing???? (mite b a challenge for them)

But they cant have the public of P4U over there for sure... they cant steal from this website n e ways... so chillax guys.... does't really matters... for sure u guys have't placed any bank acount details on this website.

Regards and Keep Rocking


I found many of my posts from here and another website I go to.
In the other website the owner just put a lawyer send them a nice letter.
They have never EVER put any of my comments from the other website, but from here. I just saw my ck experience.
At least will help some other people.


i know... our life experiences reaching out to ppl beyond the scope of this forum... even if one of my user names is lusciousgreeneyesrolling eyes


I found my posts tooshocked What the h...? I think somebody is trying to build a new website and make it popular...
Yesterday one of us has deleted her account because of funny PMs she was getting...and she did help a lot of people including me...Now I can think about possibility like helping her to move to another forum...who knows?
This forum is not safe for sure. Something need to be done and I have no idea if it is possible.

To register on the above website you need to enter your e-mail....I am not sure if it is a good idea...


dont do it sigh... not worth it... they might just start junkin ur mail inbox


Has anyone contacted any admin yet? (admin of prep4)


this thread is also posted in the forum management section... hope they see it..

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