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 Match 2010 IV & Rejection thread  

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raised eyebrow
win2008 wrote:


SUNY buffalo rejection


girl interrupted sorry about that

Edited by HILFIGER on Oct 20, 2009 - 12:34 AM


rejections from Huston LBJ and university of Missouri


HILFIGER it's university of buffalo maybe because I applied there 3 days agogrin


I don't thinks so, it might be very competitive program. i applied earlier but I got rejection from them too.


I started to get interviews

Edited by alicia365 on Oct 25, 2009 - 2:39 PM. : privacy issues


rejection from ohio state university hospital


by the way, alicia if you dont get interview till the season ends then i don't think anybody else could have a chance.. your credentials are really good
wait it hasn't finished yet


hey i have an interview at crozer chester on the 4th of still waiting for the interview instructions....she hasn't sent it yet....she only told me that i shuld report at 6.30 in the anyone here interviewing at crozer chester soon? wanted some info


Hi alicia365!!!!!

I can not beliave what you are telling us!!! It looks like your are kidding!

I consider you have amazing credentials, the best I have ever seen by far. I really don´t understand how you have been rejected with such a good credentials.

But tell us:
1. Who are your LORs writters?
2. What kind of publications do you have?
3. Which is your year of graduation?

I am sure that the best programs which are starting to send invitations in November, are going to send you a lot of interviews.


Hi Señorita,

can you please post your credentials?????


Good luck everyone!

Edited by alicia365 on Oct 25, 2009 - 2:40 PM. : too long


Hi everybody... Congrats for all your IV..

My steps are92/97/86 and CS pass first attempt. Graduated from 2003 and 1 month of obsever.. now I am in a pediatric office....need visa

I got IV from bronx-lebanon and from Maimonides medical center, adn rejection from Albert esinten, Albany medical college, U.of Buffalo,bridgeport hospital and Hurley Medical center in Michigan.

I hope we will heard more from the programs in the next week...
Any recommendation where we can prepare the IV??? thx
Good luck to everyone...


Alicia365-I consider that PhD increases the power of your application just for Universitary Programs. I think that Comunitary and afiliated programs don't care to much about that. They are more worry about your clinical experience in OBGYN. Since 2003 do you have clinical experience in OBG?

Have you rotated in US? Why did you apply to vanderbilt? You need 1 full year of clinical experience in US?

I am confident that some Universitary programs are going to consider your research and PhD expeience and will call you for interview. Just don't get frustated and be patient. if you don't have interviews until the first week of November, then you can start thinking you are not going to have anything.

Your research is indexed in medline?


HI futureobgyn PGY1

You are asking so many questionssssssssss. Could you share your credentials with us? I would like to know a little bit about you too winkwink



Rochester Hospital NY rejection


rej: thomas jefferson univeristy


I have IV at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in 2 weeks.... any tips or recommendation for this one?... thx...


GoOBG Unfortunately i don't know much about the program.

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