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 Match 2010 IV & Rejection thread  

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Rejection from grand rapids


many congrats, girl-interrupted,
Finally, you got the first one.
Enjoy your time at this moment.


Hi girl^interrupted, Can you post your credentials please


I too got iv from WSU/DMC . any info on the program?


doc77... I have my credentials in my signature!!!!


Rejection from grand rapids


Even I got IV from Wayne state University Detroit, Michigan.
Any details about the program.


Hurley Medical Center, Flint OB/GYN interview


Has anyone got an IV from Maimonedes NY?


IV from St Lukes, Bethlehem , PA ..
Any information about the program..


Congratulation girl interrupted and nudrat. Unfortunately i don't info about program in Bethlehem. Nudrat could you please post your credentials.


96/99/ cs pass all 1st attempt. 1 month OB observership with private practitioner and 6 months and ongoing research . 1 US publication. Need Visa.
2008 Grad. 6 months home country OB experience.


Great credentials, best of luck!


girl'interrupted smiling face

i got an invitation from wayne as well.. have you fixed your interview yet ?


guys do all the programs provide feedback or they just ignore you completely if they don't want you ..
i ve got two invitations and 5 rejections so far and applied for over 80 programs, I was wondering if it's a good news not to hear from most of them till now


@ hilfiger- Thanks a lot

@simon2bar- Some programs dont reply at all. If you read on forums that people have got IV from places that u hav apllied too, and not heard from them,then you can call n ask them the status of ur application. Or just wait coz the game is very much on..


thanks nurdat for the illumination wink


Any one got invitation from RGH?


nopes it's. a 100% AMG of my cousins is in that program..



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