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 Match 2010 IV & Rejection thread  

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got my first rej uni of florida jacksonville sad


what about the interviews that we all were supposed to be invited for?


first iv invitation from Sinai Hospital Baltimore. Does anyone have any iv experience in this hospital? i'd be very grateful of every input coming in. thanks.


hey jenonk,
congrats on your first IVsmiling face


rejection from Albany Medical Center


Congrats jenonk! let us know your credentials

Edited by HILFIGER on Sep 18, 2009 - 4:27 PM


thx tss and hilfiger!

94/98/CS passed/2008 graduate/1 year experience in OBGYN /4 US lors/need visa


next iv from Sparrow Hospital/Michigan State University (hoorraaayyyy!!!!)


first interview from bronx lebanon today. does anyone have input on this program? any information is appreciated. thanx


IV from:
SUNY upstate
Saint Joseph

super happy...grin


IV from Bronx Lebonan NYsmiling face


IV from Bronx Lebanon smiling face

Congrats jenonk, abs, tOol and tss.
abs, tOol could you please post your credentials?


5 months observerships
07 grad
need visa


2 months observership
2001 grad
need visa


It is great to see you guys getting lots of interviews.This is my second match and I havent got any interviews yet...

I am extremely anxious and depressed.My creds are 89,97,93 and cs pass all in first attemt.Grad yr 2001 and UK experience and some publications.
Presently an observer and doing some research...

I honestly dont know what else I can do to improve my chances...


congrats abs, tool, tss, hilfiger!

@orit 1:
hey, i think it's a lil bit too early to get depressed, cause i'm sure that later on there still will be a lot of iv invitation coming up. i know how frustrated it is to hear that everyone else got them already and you are still waiting. but the whole game has just begun and just don't lose hope.


Hi, Got Iv from Atlantic health Morristown,NJ. my firstsmiling face


congrats every1 with ivs how are you guys preparing for ivs are there any books


iv from riverside regional, newport news, VA and rejection from LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport.

@ pr4ustep3: try to read iserson's getting into a residency.


First interview:
wayne state/DMC

I personally think that this year IM is harder to match into, Ob/GYN looks less competitive.

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