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 Match 2010 IV & Rejection thread  

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Congrats to everyone who completed and sent his application. Like many I applied on the 1st to 30 OB programs and am waiting for the real game to begin.
I have low scores, need a visa and have no usce in OB, despite all that I do believe in God and strongly believe that whatever happens, happens for the best.

Lets all give each other strength through this time. Getting an IV doesn't mean you will match but does opena door of hope and bring you a step closer to the match.

Lets all post our IV and rejections as we go along in the 2010 match.

Ap date : 1 sep 09
Scores : 77/78/pass/79
Usce: none
Research: ongoing
Home country exp: 6 months in OBGYN

no IV or rejections so far

Good luck to everyonesmiling face


whats ur grad date oceanpearl? and do u have good LORs?


I am a 2005 grad and I believe I have very good LOR's..


Those who have low scores please gather here and tell us about your ob 2010 match experience.


A'ite guys, I'm in too. But why so few of us? By the way, I already got a rejection. But I guess that's all a part of the game.


obgyn is so hard for us imgs...

i only applied to 30 progs also.......

where was ur rejection from tool?


Reading hospital PA.


Hi, where do you guys generate the OBGYN list of IMG freindly by your own, I am thinking of using Match a resident, if any pf you comfortable in sharing please snd me at


shaking head my first rejection came from Southern Illinois University School of Mediciene confused


So don't they give us the reason for the rejection?!confused


Rejection from University of South Alabamasad


@delipost I got mine from residency place and counter checked the ifo with the website. Residency place is quite authentic. Its always god to check with several sources though. I could send you list but can you use it? its tailored to my credentials.

@tOoL . I hope you started getting Iv's

I got a rejection from Univ. South Alabama. I am in the boat with you tss.

No Iv's so far. I am keeping a positive attitude. I hope I can maintain it.

I do however feel that the list of programs I applied to might be incomplete. Can anyone help me regarding that? How do I know that I have applied to almost all the programs which might not need USCE, have no score cut off's and sponser a visa and I might have a chance there ???

Any feed back please.


No luck yet! still waiting... How many programs did you guys apply to?


Rejection from Albert Einstein Medical Center ObGyn, Philadelphia, PA

Ap date : 1 sep 09
Scores : 99/99/Pass
Usce: 1 mo, LOR should be uploaded soon.
Research: undergraduate
Home country exp: about 1 year in ob/gyn

Oceanpearl unfortunately most programs do not provide their criteria. They may not have any cutoffs but, it doesn't mean there are img friendly. When calling they usually say we review every application we receive through eras. As a general rule similar to other specialties community-based hospitals tend to have imgs more. We should be positive. Let's wait

Edited by HILFIGER on Sep 11, 2009 - 5:53 PM


IV Invitation at Long Island Jewish Medical Centre, NY


Rejection at Albert Einstein PA


congrats, let us know your credentials


@ Hilfiger Great scores. Did you apply only to ob/gyn?
Congrats tss.


@ tOol Thanks, i may also apply FM not sure. What about you? let us know credentials?


Thanks HILFIGER, you got excellent credentials. Good Luck
Thanks tOoL and Good Luck
My credentials,
2003 graduate with postgraduate diploma in OB/ GYN.
Scores--99/97/PASS(2nd attempt)/96
1 US Lor


Rejection from Uni. of Florida-Jacksonvillesad

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