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 breaking out cancer to a patient!  

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so I was doing a UW question in which this elderly lady is diagnosed with cancer and the patient;s daughter tells the doc not to reveal the diagnosis to her mom coz her mom will be devastated......

what should the doc do?

the answer from a myriad of choices was ask the daughter why shouldnt he tell her mom the diagnosis

seemed oxymoronic to me since the stem of the question just says "coz her mom will be devastated:

Ok lets assume she says coz i think my mom will get suicidal coz she has tried suicide before

what do u do?

tell the news and keep the patient in the hospital to observe

break the news and ask the daughter to observe

talk to the patient and get to know her feelings.....and break the news after a few days....

I am thinking that break the news and keep her in observation in the hospice? what say people?


I agree...You need to tell the patient anyway but if the patient is suicidal then you need to be carefull and observe the patient and give support...

All those weird ethics questions....


there is an option - ask the pt if he wants to know everything about their disease.

It was q when pt told that he doesn't want to know if he has a cancer - doc have to respect.
If that old lady is competent - you don't know, might she does want to know prognosis and everything, her daughter is not your patient.


When it comes to MCQ, we just have to choose the best answer, which often is not the perfect answer. I did well in Ethics in both exams, and my method of answering the ethics questions was by elimination.


wow i accidently put this in the forum lounge i wanted to put it in the psych thing but got quick answers thanks for the input guys


There is Ethics forum now, u just have to request mod/admin to move this to there Ferritin , thnx for the Q .

GL to me, us , all nod

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