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have you guys taken token?
let's talk about this specialty, and why we like it?
I like it because I like to be in a surgical branch and do not like to a paper doctor. I do not like general surgery, because it is too general whereas gyn/Obs is a very versatile branch.


Hi guys,

I am an IMG with the following credential (certainly not that great)

Scores: 76/77/passed- first attempt, Step 3: 78(2nd attempt)

Lors: 1 US

Visa: H1b needed

USCE: none

Research: ongoing in Rheumatology

Experience: 6 months OB and 6 months Peds in home country.

I am very interested in becoming a OB and am going to apply this years match with my main focus on FM and OB.

As they say you always have a chance. But I want to know what you guys think out there.

I also have a question, is it easier to get a prelim position in OB is specific and surgery in general, rather than a categorical?

Would really appreciate if some gives me some feed back about my position for the 2010 OB match, good or bad both welcome( or should I say bad or bad smiling face


hey oceanpearl;
well im sure you have heard this a million times already but maybe it would be a good idea to add family practice as a backup. You could do an OB fellowship later if thats really your calling.
I say this because it seems to be that obgyn gets more competitive every year. Of course scores are not everything, but it looks like the competition is now between people with 99/99 that have USCE, good LORs, research exp, etc, and 99/99 that dont need visa, already completed ob residency in home country, good contacts, etc...

in 2008 there were about 300 places left for obgyn, to be taken by aprox 900 non-us seniors. It means that with all and all (every aspect of your application), you must be in the top third of ALL non-us seniors. and take into account these 300 places are also sought out by DOs, AMGs that are not seniors and US citizen IMGs.

So, You passed the step3, which is something to your advantage, but instead of just blindly risking it, I would assess ur credentials and determine if you could be in that top third; or if not, try applying to family practice, which could also lead you to OB eventually.

Spending a year trying to improve credentials, is usually stressful and disheartening. try to get a residency possition THIS year, even if its not obgyn!.

I really wish you the best of luck and you will be in my prayers.


i am an indian grad. graduated in 2008. s1 score 91 cs cleared ck taking on 23rd sept. one research in obs done in india.presented at mumbai obg society conference-got best paper for it.sent for publication. volunteered in 8 obg camps in current usce but 2 observerships in hand to b started from oct...hw gud or bad r my chances of landing obgyn. not visa or state specific.


hey everybody did u guys get any interviews ?................plz share ur experiences if u can................thx in advance


I have a <90 step 2 score whaat are the chances to match in a OBG residency programme !!!?

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