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 irregular behavior please help  

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i took the exam today, at the houston center. the mistake i made was that i got two warnings , coz i dint leave the room on time, after the announcement had been made. first was after my first case, where i was eager to finish. the second happened during the 7 or 8th case where i was just tying the gown of a female SP, and finished after a few seconds after the ann was made. but nonetheless got the warning. in the end i had to fil in a form, in which i had to give an explaination for my behavior. does anybody has any clue how grave my situation is?


hi buddy go to page 7 and read the topic title' ease my mind...'hope it will relax u.


i got 1 warning .same reason but i didnt fill a form
i was scared to death. keep praying


hey buddy,

im speaking on behalf of a friend who got two warnings and filled out a long as thats ur only fault [ignoring a warning], there's a good chance u can still get thru smiling face all assuming that ur cases went reasonably well...

i know u're gonna be stressed out anyway cuz thats just the way us med students are...but im being totally honest here....if ur cases went well, ur chances are still good smiling face

take care and all the best!!


Irregular Behavior
The USMLE program’s definition of irregular behavior includes, “any action by applicants, examinees, potential applicants, or others when solicited by an applicant and/or examinee that subverts or attempts to subvert the examination process.” All USMLE exams are monitored through use of audio and video monitors, recording equipment, and by test center staff. Failure to adhere to the instructions of test center staff during the exam may result in a determination of irregular behavior and permanent annotation of your USMLE record and transcripts. If you are observed engaging in a possible violation of test administration rules or other forms of irregular behavior during an exam, you will not necessarily be told of the observation by a proctor at the time of the exam. See Irregular Behavior in the USMLE Bulletin of Information.


If information received suggests that irregular behavior has occurred, statistical analyses may be conducted and additional information may be gathered.

You will be advised of the alleged irregular behavior, and you will have an opportunity to provide information that you consider relevant to the evaluation of the allegation. Your scores may be withheld, if they have not been reported previously. Applications may not be processed, and you may not be permitted to take subsequent examinations until a final decision regarding irregular behavior is made. You will be provided with a copy of the USMLE Policies and Procedures Regarding Irregular Behavior, which describes in detail the process for reaching final decisions regarding irregular behavior. If the evidence suggests that the alleged irregular behavior affects score validity, the score will also be reviewed.

If it is determined that you engaged in irregular behavior, information regarding this determination becomes part of your USMLE record. Your score report (if applicable) and USMLE transcript will contain a notation regarding the irregular behavior.

Information about the irregular behavior will be provided to third parties that receive or have received your USMLE transcript. Such information may also be provided to other legitimately interested entities. If it is determined that the irregular behavior is egregious and/or threatens the integrity of the examination system, you may be barred from future USMLE examinations and/or special administrative procedures may be implemented for your future examinations. The USMLE program also reserves the right to take such actions when information regarding behavior of examinees on predecessor examinations indicates such actions may be necessary to ensure the security of the USMLE.


So, if what you did was considered to be irregular behavior, they'll let you know.


well, no notifications from their side till now.will let u guys know what happens to me. Not even in my worst nightmares had i ever thot things'l turn this way. but guys,thank u for the reassuring words, they really mean a lot.


Hi guys,
I got my CS result yesterday, and i passed smiling face thank you all for being supportive. M happy now smiling face


Congratulations! I can only imagine what you had gone through. Best wishes.


Those were the days of uncertainty, i just cudnt see where i was headed to. M just glad i passed.




i passed too


Looking for help! so scared and stressful.

Hi dazed123,summer69 and seaworld, I had the same experience with you yesterday when test cs in LA. I got 2 warning in 2 case in delayed patient note. in the first case and second case. The first case, I remember I should still type one word after time is over, even I did not realize the problem because I was nervous at the beginning.
In the second case, I made sure I did not type again when is time is up, but the problem is I forgot to click submit, until a stuffer came to urge me.

As a result, I was told when the first 3 case ended, they will report my irregular behavior to USMLE at the end of that day. I was shocked, and felt very annoy in the following case. because I am so scared the whole day, what will be worst and general results from USMLE.

Now, the failed results in CS only has been the best console for me. Because I was searching all the regular in USMLE, I am so worried that I will be forbidden to take following USMLE test again..

Could you please share me some experience, what should I can do something useful to save that? and do I have availability to take USMLE test again?

Really appreciate for your help.

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