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 Anybody around thinking 2010?  

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Well.... is anybody (reading the forum) getting ready for next match season is pathology?


Me, if I can clear my Cs this summer otherwise shocked 2011


Count me in!

My email:


Great! I see there are still applicants for this season on the forum!

The summer is getting closer.... massive application paperwork is on the horizon!

It's going to be fun! (Well.... in a sense...)


Where are you from people? I am from Turkey.


I'm from Italy


I am also preparing to apply.
I got Observership in Pathology next month.
How can we impress the faculty while we do observership?


Also me
My email:


Lets compare our credentials...


My credentials are 91/99/cs passed first attepmt
8 months of USCE with 3 month in Pathology
3 US LOR s from pathologists.
Visa GC
2007 graduate
publications none
will take step3 next month


Very good credential psrmsr!
Are you guys all done with your application? I'm fighting with my PS! What a pain!


my creds are
Scores 99/99/99 (CS second attempt)
first year resident Pathology home
one month observership at at Univeristy program in USA (Pathology)
4 LOR from pathologists : 1 US LOR from the observership (Just sent,I guess needs two weeks before it becomes available), 3 LOR from my home country by US trained pathologists.
2 Publications
Graduated from Medical school in 2007 with Honors
Member in American college of medical quality
need J-1 VISA

I don't know how good my chances are...fingers crossed s:

Still working on My PS too..Boring stuff but I think it is really important so I will give it my best shot.

how many programs are you applying to ? I am applyin to 60 programs mainly community and average Univerisity programs plus 2 or three big names


I think you have very good credentials and perhaps should try more university programs. I don't think anybody would care about attempt in CS. The only thing they might think your spoken English is not so good if you don't come from and English speaking country.

Anyway I am applying to about 26 programs.... all university programs. Well, if it really does not work I guess I can always try next year to apply to community programs as well.

Still few days to finish my application....need to finish PS and upload picture!!!

I also need to double check everything else before I submit! The good news is that this part it's almost done!


Tell me about re-checking, I am inherently insecure with OCD.!!! I don't know if I would ever have the courage to clikc the submit buttonrolling eyessmiling face
wish you the best Algernon,I think you know what you are doing and you will make it BIGnod


Thanks m8! I wish you good luck too!
It's going to be a though end of the year.... let's hope for the best!


btw I took a look at the NRMP report recently released : charting outcomes in the match. if you study the number of ranked positions u would notice that out of 208 independet apllicants who did not match, 109 applicants had only one program on their rank lists,which means that your chance greatly improves if you get 2 interviews!!! again this is influenced by the number of positions available per program and whether they or they don't offer prematches !!!


a Q, will My USMLE transcript include my Step 3 Score ? or I need to do something to release it to the programs ? thanks smiling face


I believed your step 3 score will be in the USMLE transcript. I have myself given step 3 and I remembered I checked this info a while ago. I think you can find it in ERAS or ECFMG website.


Hi, need some advive on gud pathology programz to apply to get observerships and the best time to apply and go for them


Thanks Algrenon
regarding observerships I think many will be wiling to offer you an observerships. you can contact the residency coordinator in places you are interested in and she/he will refer you to the person in charge !!! Good Luck

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