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 future for radiologist?  

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I don´t want to discourage anyone from going into rad. In fact I am considering it myself.

But don´t you think there is a big risk US hospitals will start outsourcing a lot of radiology to countries like India or to Europe where doctors earn less?

If that is not possible, it is not a even bigger risk that the same thing that happened to path. some years ago also will happen to rad., i.e. hospitals will outsource to external suppliers (within the US) and paying them less and less forcing radiologists to interpret more and more images for the same price. That leads to longer hours, less pay and unemployment.

What do you think?


Nope , the lawyers will want some one amercian board certified , so that they can sue thm.

If the report is read by a doc in madras, India, who is he going to sue.

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