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 X inactivation in Turner's  

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What is the mechanism by which the X chromosome gets innactivated in Turner's syndrome?


turners is 45,XO
All but one X chromosomes r inactivated (lyonisation)
if just one X is present it is not going to be activated
however, if turners is due to loss of short arm of one X or mosaicism
i.e 45 XO/46XX, then one X is inactivated in cells with 46XX


I see ur point mash but I think what they were asking is that "how come in a pt. with turner's one X-some was deleted, therefore ending up with only 1 X. And what was the mechanism by which this X was gone?

My biochem teacher mentioned something like.....condensation of the material on that X chromosome :arrow: heterochromatin :arrow: non-transcribable :?



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