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 Brand new UW notes here...  

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Since, this forum has been a lot of help , I thought I would add my efforts to it.
here are some of my notes..
- Rheumatology
- Nephrology

I haven't sat for my exam yet. A long way to go as I started studying in Jan 09.
But these were the notes I made doing UW. If I have time and energy I will be making more.

Attached Files:
RHEUMATOLOGY.docx (875 KB, 3910 downloads)


These are strictly UW notes and recommended for only those who are doing UW and just need to write down notes....

Happy studying to all...

Just give me your prayers if these help you in any way.....

Attached Files:
Nephrology.docx (354 KB, 2810 downloads)


some of the abbreviations ( My own short hand ofcourse) I used in the notes:

Dx: Diagnosis
Tx: treatment
Mx: management
Cx: complications
Sx: sometimes
Hge: hemorrhage
pts: patients
s/s: signs and symtoms

Edited by girl^interrupted on Feb 26, 2009 - 2:41 AM


If you can't open docx file, use (free online converter. No DL necessary):


thnkx a lot...


thanx 4 the effort...very nice.


good job


wow! what a treat! Thank you so much girl intrepted for sharing them with all of us.
Good luck w/ your preperations!


Thanks everyone..I will soon be putting up hepatology.

Please , if there is anyone who's making notes lets help each other.
If someone can send me their notes , I can combine them with mine and make some really good ones... I will put them up here again...



thanks so much


thanks girl!!nod


Here are the hepatology notes. I have some 6-7 Qs left but I will be adding them to these notes whenever I feel like doing them...

hey and one thing more, I DID find some excellent notes of all subjects and added mine to them. I'm correcting spelling mistakes and making them neater (yes, I'm a perfectionist, LOL) so no more notes making, thanks God. It was way too time consuming...

Whenever I get done with a subject and improve the notes, I will put them up here. IN RETURN, I need your prayers...seriously. smiling face I assure you that you will NOT find notes as good anywhere. The plus is these are brand new notes as my UW subscription is going to last another 2 months. I am really excited about sharing them.

Attached Files:
HEPATOLOGY.docx (143 KB, 2257 downloads)


thx dear... keep up good work... May God bring success in whatever you do


Thank you. I will use your nephro notes, just downloaded them. Thanks!


these are the best because its just uw and also WITH PHOTOS. everyone forget about this
keep up the good work smiling face
thank u so much smiling face

all our prayers to u smiling face


thankyou,great job,


OB/GYN and Psych/biostats

hope u benefit...

I corrected some of the spelling mistakes and addded COLOR grin
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee these CUTE notes...
studying has never been this much fun...

I lurvvvvvvvvvvv pink....

Attached Files:
OBGYN new.docx (48 KB, 2254 downloads)

Edited by girl^interrupted on Feb 13, 2010 - 10:57 PM



Attached Files:
PSYCHIATRY AND STATS(29).rtf (61 KB, 2444 downloads)


cant open the files it says encoding is incorrectsad


awww....I tried to open...I can open it...
it's in word format...

I am very untechnical and have no idea what to do...

anybody please??

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