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 In 30 Seconds Answer # 4  

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Which one of the listed cells is thought to be the source of hepatic stem cells?

A. Ito cells
B. Limbus cells
C. Oval cells
D. Paneth cells
E. Satellite cells


Have no clue about this one even if I would think longer than 30 sec.


i think its A ito cells..




never heard about it bfore




a is where vit a is stored in liver its also called satelite cells.


I would like to know answer of this question.

What are those Oval cells, which KG thinks is correct answer. I know about Ito, bot those oval cells? How you know about them KG?


oval cells in the canals of Hering of the liver,dr goljan in 1st chapter lecture mentiones stem cells of all body and i did search that time(as he mentioned just hepatocytes)that time
learned 1st time about oval cell nod
remember,he says about stable cells.lable cells? check RR-2nd ed page 13.

Edited by keepgoing on Dec 02, 2008 - 4:51 AM


I remember the lecture, but not the oval cells. Thanks for pointing out on it , will listen to it again.

I read about it now on internet, and you are correct with Oval cells. Hat down , KG.


keepgoing wrote:



The answer is c.

Stem cells are unique cells that are characterized by their ability for asymmetric replication, which refers to the fact that one of the products of cell division is capable of self-renewal. Embryonic stem cells are pluripotential, that is, they are capable of forming all the tissues of the body, while adult stem cells are usually only able to differentiate into a particular tissue.

Stem cells, which have been identified in many different tissues, are located in special sites called niches.

Cells located in the canals of Hering of the liver can give rise to precursor cells called oval cells, which are capable of forming hepatocytes and biliary cells.

Satellite cells, located in the basal lamina of myotubules, can differentiate into myocytes after injury.

While limbus cells located in the canals of Schlemm are stem cells for the cornea.

Other sites for stem cells are the base of the crypts of the colon and the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus.

In contrast to stem cells, Ito cells, which are located in the sub endothelial space of Disse, store vitamin A, Paneth cells, located near the bottom of crypts, provide host defense against microorganisms.


aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee toughy


yes its c

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