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 Mental retardation  

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¿What is the most common genetic cause of mental retardation?

a. edwards syndrome

b. down syndrome

c. fetal alcohol syndrome

d. klinefelter syndrome

e. fragile X syndrome


B whoops


Of course ! nod

What is most common cause in non-genetic ? sticking out tongue


Wait a minute. Isn't it FAS ?

drms wrote:

Also B grin


LOL grin

Easy...but sometimes tricky


most common non genetic is C

leads to down downsyndrome
doesnt it


yeah Iris786>> non-genetic is C




Since the brain is such a complex organ, there are a number of genes involved in its development. Consequently, there are a number of genetic causes of mental retardation. Most identifiable causes of severe mental retardation (defined as an IQ of 50 or less) originate from genetic disorders. Up to 60 percent of severe mental retardation can be attributed to genetic causes making it the most common cause in cases of severe mental retardation (Moser, 1995). People with mild mental retardation (defined as an IQ between 50 and 70-75) are not as likely to inherit mental retardation due to their genetic make-up as are people with severe mental retardation. People with mild mental retardation are more likely to have the condition due to environmental factors, such as nutritional state, personal health habits, socioeconomic level, access to health care and exposure to pollutants and chemicals, rather than acquiring the condition genetically (Nelson-Anderson & Waters, 1995). Two of the most common genetically transmitted forms of mental retardation include Down syndrome (a chromosomal disorder) and fragile X syndrome (a single-gene disorder). The last week i have just completed my dissertation on mental retardation by using buy custom essays online. It was very nice experience to me,i have refferd many resourses for this... Anyway thank you for sharing a good thread here.. Have a good day

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