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 can i still think about Anesthesia?  

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Greetings mates,
i have got 88/215 in my CK. and preparing for my step 1 exam. with such score can i still hope for anesthesia even if i got high score in step 1 or it weakens my chances? putting in mind i will start my anesthesia residency in my country next month (i plan for 2010 match)
thanks in advance


40 viewed the thread with no answer. i dont think it is a difficult qsmiling face


I think score well on step 2 and three and then try hard for your dream.Nobody really knows Its your hardwork and then luck.

All the best wishes stay positive thats what i am doing.......


You are better than others who won't have any past experience in Anesthesia etc or thinking to grap some USCE to have some Anesthesia US experience..............


Dear girldoc,
first thanks for replying,
second, thanks for ur encouragement. i really appreaciate it so much
finally, u believe that some months of experience in my homeland can benefit in the US?
thanks again and hope u the best


Not a big deal . Thanks for the appreciation.
But work hard for next steps and inshallah everything will be fine . For further ,after completing your steps try your luck and then if it's not then you can have it after comleting your anesthesia residency there. But steps socres must be very good...For entering in USA anesthesia and if you will complete your anesthesia residency there it will be a big plus to get in. Mostly people with MDs in anesthesia of their home country with high scores get in USA Anesthesia residency ..


the anesthesiology forum is very silent so far. I hope it picks up soon.

I have the same question. What are my chances of getting into anesthesiology.
My credentials are.
Step 1- 87/213
Step 2CK- 99/240
Step 2 CS- Pass
All on first attempts.
I am an IMG that graduated last month. I have no USCE an no experience in anesthesiology except during my clinical rotations. I am a US Citizen and living in the US now.


welcome future gas passers...

look for the match results for each state and then you will realize what states are friendly and what are not.
This will be a tough ride, but a feasible ride. I will be passing gas and enjoying the virtues of dealing with ONE patient at a time and no follow up!
Best wishes to all of you people, its going to be tough just need to keep hanging in there even at moments when you think all is lost.

BTW NO ONE, can tell you your chances.... I can say "hell yeah! you will match," but it may not happen as I predicted. So what is the best approach for this problem? do your best to match and try to figure it out by yourself by march; as we all anesthesia residents found out whether we had what it takes or not to match in this specialty..

C ya!


Hello people , competitve residencies......... ...........dreamers........ ...

I think , If you think You won't get it , you won't work for it then and for sure will not get it. But , if you work hard on getting and improving your progress what you want and struggle for it.

God will open channels for you.................

At least be optimistic and work hard for getting what you want.Put yourself into it.From the top head to toe..Work to death for it.............DIE HARD.......... Other things leave on the powerful God and don't listen to people who discourage you . otherwise you will destroy your getting not anything and not working on your missions to achieve your goal,,,,

Edited by girldoc on Aug 24, 2008 - 12:37 PM

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